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TOPIC: Trials & Tribulations

Trials & Tribulations 11 months 2 weeks ago #4318

  • Jackeeg
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This article is dealing with all of the hardships we encounter in life and how we know if we are learning and dealing with them in a mentally healthy way. It is one of those educational articles we always hope is taken seriously, given the proper amount of attention, and most is beneficial and useful for our readers. There is a lot to discuss so let's get started. :cheer:
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Trials & Tribulations 11 months 1 week ago #4320

  • Kelton
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This is one of those articles that once again call on us to do some soul searching and make sure we are not or cannot in anyway be linked to the things going on around us, particularly politically. It's time to question that loyalty to the Republican Party folks. Do you really want to be a part of a party of cowards or people who share the views of the current man in the White House? Either they are cowards or share his views. This man is a criminal, and if that's not enough he is a racist. He does horrible things that hurt so many people and that is simply not the kind of leadership any country needs. He admires other leaders who do these kinds of things because he is just like them. The 3 D's were mentioned in this article. It's one thing to call someone this dreaded anti-Christ spoken of in Christian literature, and quite another to show who, how, and why someone has been given the title. His face looks like it's on fire, he is a overweight slob, showing his lack of respect even for the body and good health, and he divides whenever and however he can. The man looks evil. It's time to figure out where we stand when it comes to this man and those who support him. In many ways he's forced us to pick a side and the choices are as simple as right and wrong. This is is simple. The republican party is his party now so, are we right or are we wrong. I want no part of the American this man proposes. I want nothing to do with anyone who supports this man because at this point there is no reason to do so. If they claim to hate criminals they are clearly lying if they are comfortable supporting this man.

Let us stand with our fellow Humans being treated so horribly by this administration at the Southern border. Let us keep the sweet innocent children in our prayers, praying for Karma that all those who comfortable participate in the suffering this is causing for any reason it is wrong and the should not be comfortable being a part of what is going on. It's time to stand up for your personal beliefs and values no matter the cost. If you truly believe in The Most High, faithfully take a stand and speak out against what is happening as this empowers those of us who can help to help.

Let us say no to racism!!! Let us say no to police brutality and stand with the Garner family in New York, calling for the officer who killed Eric to at least be fired. They have refused to hold him accountable, there is no way he should be allowed to remain in a position of leadership. He is a killer of the innocent, that is not leadership. Let us stand with Joe when he calls Mitch Moscow Mitch, he is another one that looks like death walking. The evil in him is oozing out and the rot is foul. Let us stand with Universal Health care because the evil is the Insurance companies and as long as they are in the equation there will never be affordable healthcare. We need universal health care and I will not vote for a candidate who does not commit to real health care reform and affordability.
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Trials & Tribulations 11 months 1 week ago #4322

  • Rod
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When you embark on a career that focuses on human development, you really aren’t prepared for all the different kinds of psychologically damaged people you will encounter. I decided to take this route after the incident with Mark. The fella who did that caught me completely by surprise. I never saw that coming. I knew he liked Mark but no more than many of us. I really admired Mark. I still do. Many of us couldn’t wait for him and Luke to show up at the club. They made things fun just being who they are.

When I walked in on what was happening, I immediately went into defense mode. Luke came in behind me and nothing seemed to be deterring this fella from attacking Mark. I kept looking at him, naturally trying to reason with him. I looked at Luke who was unbuttoning his jacket. He told the guy to back off in a way I haven’t heard Luke speak before. I realized the M boys were something special. Mark told me to go get his pop and I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t think he was safe until I look at Luke again who had picked up a chair, and slammed it against a desk or table in the room. The sound was so loud and he showed no fear, unlike Mark who was clearly shaken by what was happening. I backed out of the room in time to hear him ask Luke if he wanted to take his brother’s place. I heard Luke laugh in a way that wasn’t one of happiness. He told him sure, and told him to get some. I took off running for Pop Paul I could hear myself shouting as I ran.

Sir Paul was calm, so calm. When we got back to the room Luke was swinging a piece of the chair he broke off and this big guy was coming at him like a raging bull a crazed one. Paul called his name and he stopped in his tracks. I’ll never forget the look on Mark’s face. None of us could believe it. It made me want desperately to know what the hell just happened. Paul look at me and smiled and told me Psychology, I needed to change my major to Psychology and I nodded. The former friend who attacked Mark was led out of the room in tears and I decided Sir Paul was right.

I am still not sure what came of the fella and caused him to do what he did, but I have a better understanding and would know how to handle a situation like that now. The human mind is a very fragile organ and if it’s mishandled.

This is why what the Devil in the White House is doing to the children and adolescences at the southern border. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious, preventable, mental disorder. It is a disorder that is created by humans and is totally preventable.
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Trials & Tribulations 11 months 1 week ago #4324

  • Jess
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I tell you there are so many people who are psychological damaged. Our predecessors gave us the building blocks we now have to better understand the human psyche. Sadly, it‘s very clear how few people reach a morally mature level of cognition. It’s frightening to have a extremely narcissistic person in any form of a driver’s seat.

Kendra…I really hope past presidents who are still alive and who know things, are putting their heads together with other influential men who work in our intelligence communities, are on top of this. I’m hoping thing there is a path for those scientists they tried to fire. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is, and lend what assistance we can. It’s time to fight fire with a raging volcano.
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Trials & Tribulations 11 months 1 week ago #4325

  • Kendra
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Mason girl you are so smart. I am looking at this stuff, these psychologists, and I can’t make heads or tails of it until I read this article. I like how it is broken down based on what their area of expertise are. I talked to my husband and OMG he’s so smart, he fills in the gaps. So, they have proven that bad parenting leads to very troubled and troublesome adults. I think Trump was born diabolical but what scared me was the three 3 D’s. Deceitful, Destructive, and Deceptive. Question, are our intelligence departments stupid enough to allow this man to dismantle them? Are we smart enough to know we have a diabolical situation on our hands or are the stuck on this “We have to do with this Devil tells us to do?” At what point do we start taking preventative measures. I thought these people were smart. Trump is a criminal! A CRIMINAL!!! Since when do we allow a criminal to have the upper hand!!! Why are they allowing this man to do what he is doing? Where are the smart people, the brave people, the defenders of our country? I know it’s not the members of the cheating republican party. They need the Russians to keep interfering with our election because that’s the only way they can stay in power. Why don’t we just take their power away and have terms in the Senate, the congress, demand them in fact. I say we put it on a ballot but how long will our votes make a difference? How close are we to a communist country? It looks like it’s right around the corner.
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Trials & Tribulations 11 months 1 week ago #4326

  • nicoli
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I read over some of what the Psychologists said and I have to say, this is what we have been studying in our faith. The Gnostic Faith is a Philosophical faith. Because of my faith I am a better man. My faith has taught me the things these famous Psychologist have theorized about when it comes to human behavior. I found myself going through my notebook of Articles. We have talked about how significant good parenting is for children. We have had lessons centered around images and the messages we send. We’ve talked about the self and how we need to know who we are and deal with how we behave. It all is culminating to this very point, this very moment. Kelton is right, it is now time to get off the fence and face what is right in front of us. There is no more time to push it to the side, to think what this man is doing doesn’t affect us directly because OMG it does. It’s time to stop finding excuses to remain supportive. I have told all those I deal with, a sword as come and it has drawn a line in the sand, either you are a good person or you are not. If you support Trump for any reason you are NOT a good person and you can’t make yourself good no matter what you say or what your reason for supporting this man are. Nothing is a good enough reason to do this and I back away and do not want any type of a relationship with a trump supporter.
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