Άδης - Hades took over the unseen realm where the dead go when they leave earth. He is the ruler of the dead and is assisted by demons that he has sole and complete dominion over. He is very strict about his subjects leaving his domain and becomes enraged if anyone tries to steal or leave his domain. He is a greedy god and is continuously concerned with increasing his subjects, gathering more souls. He delights in those who increase the number of dead and usually provokes wars. Life in the underworld isn’t pleasant by any means. It is like a miserable dream that never ends. It’s full of frightening shadows, where there is no sunlight, and no hope.

Hades is also known for his hidden wealth that includes the fertile soul with nourishing grain, gold, silver and other metals. When he desired a bride he went to Zeus and his brother and Zeus gave him Persephone, daughter of Demeter. He is depicted as handsome, dark-haired, regal god holding a bird=tipped scepter or plouton, giving and pouring fertility from a cornucopia. The Romans named him Dis or Pluto which is Latin form of his Greek title Plouton, which means “the lord of the riches”.

The Underworld is surrounded by a series of rivers: the Acheron which is the river of woe, the Cocytus which is the river of lamentation, the Phlegethon which is the river of fire, the Lethe which is the river of forgetfulness, and the Styx which is the river of unbreakable oaths. When the souls cross all the rivers they arrive at the gates of Hades that is guarded by the Cerberus the three-headed wolf. Hermes leads the souls to Hades after death. A ferry takes them across the first river some say is Styx, while some say it is Acheron. The dead had to have coins placed on their lips and eyelids to pay the boatman. Those who visit Hades and escaped include Hercules, Orpheus, Theseus, Odysseus, and Achilles. Achilles is believed to dwell in the Isles of the Bleast. Some things associated with Hades are the Cypress tree and narcissus, a yellow or white plant. His domains are Death, Magic, and Law. Those who are said to worship him most are female and male sorcerers, witches and warlocks. He has no earthly temples or public shrines.