Welcome to the Ephesus Gnostic Group

As we head to the polls this election year let us remember that which makes this country admirable, let us remember honor, civility, honesty, trust, liberty, freedom, justice, equality, and unity. Let us remember we are a democracy!

She Was Warned. She Was Given An Explanation. Nevertheless, She PERSISTED!!!

So Should We All!!!

Thank You Elizabeth Warren Thank You!

If you are on the fence about who you are voting for in November please

Watch Sheldon Whitehouse on the Senate floor today the link is in the Forum!

We honorably remember the wonderful life and service of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

As a faith that believes in civil liberties, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement


Who We Are



The Ephesus Gnostic Group is a part of the Gnostic community sharing the beliefs attributed to the Gnostic Faith. We feel no need for titles or self-affirmation such as True Gnostics or Real Gnostics. We are simply Gnostic. It is our faith and as it is with most individuals who share our faith, know we are born Gnostics. Gnostics share the same deep embedded certainty in something other than the irrational, illogical, bizarre and often outrageous beliefs and values that are a part of  the traditional religions many of us were subjected to most of our lives.

Allow us to answer some of the most common questions we are asked about our faith.

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