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My name is Jacqueline and I'm here to update this article about Mason Denise Carlisle. Mason is a very talented, passionate writer, discovering this talent when she began to write to help heal the pain of a very traumatic, troubling childhood that transcended into her adult life.

Mason has had some amazing experiences that helped her survive, but contributes the breakdown of her body to all the mental and physical trauma of her younger years. To those of us who truly know her, we find her to be inspiring, sometimes frightening so but inspiring nonetheless. She has taught us the true value of privacy, freedom, and the joy of giving, all while remaining very guarded. We understand this is residual from her childhood abuse, as well as a very traumatic relationship in her early adult life.

Mason's journey took her through many forms of beliefs ranging from Christianity to borderline Atheism. She will not hesitate to tell you that every time she visited a Christian church in her early years she heard or saw something that made her feel as bad as the verbal and mental abuses she suffered at home. She describes leaving the church with a incredibly painful headache. She decided to stay away because deep down she didn’t care for this God the Christians worshiped because it is a cruel deity as are many Christians.

She has never been comfortable with the pressure to give something she knew a True God would have no use for. All of this was compounded by Mason’s dislike of spaces that are crowded or what she calls, congested. She does not like to be surrounded by too many others she is not familiar with. Her intuition starts when she picks up vibrations of those too close to her. Often these vibrations are negative and affect her ability to breathe normally. For years she just said she is claustrophobic but always understood it is more than that. Her intuitiveness is often eerie even to her. So much so she would try to suppress it or prove the ability flawed or wrong. Of course that never happens.  

Mason is a pen name. Carla is her real name and she is now comfortable allowing her real name to be revealed. She continues to write but now has grandchildren she enjoys. She also struggles with Multiple Sclerosis. Her condition makes her more nervous outside of her comfort zones but she remains pleasant and a joy to spend time with and listen to when she can be persuaded to do so. Although her illness limits her mobility and is now compounded with other physical impairments she remains realistically positive.  

She no longer lives in Arizona. She now lives in Washington State where she is closer to her grandchildren whom she adores. She no longer runs the website but continues to participate especiall in The Ephesus Group Gnostic Educational System, something she helped found and is excited to be a part of. Humanity and illness continue to try and snatch her dreams away but Adonai, who is the Most High, always has the final say. She has taught us that the true nature of the Most High is so far above the nature of humanity, we will never possess full understanding of of its goodness.

We do not know what the future holds but we know that we will enjoy the time we have with this amazing individual because we know she is loved by something much bigger than any love a human being could express, show, or relate. Carla is blessed and remains a blessing to any and everyone who is allowed inside her inner circle, and trust me, she always knows who she is comfortable inviting inside. She is paying closer attention to that intuition these days, realizing exactly what it is and where it comes from, and embracing the fact she can’t prove the Most High wrong…so it makes no since to try.