The Message
January 16, 2017


In these times the need for a strong leader, one capable of standing up to all the evil that clearly thrives in this world, is necessary. That leader is near and will usher in another purge that will end the way of things that have become so oppressive as to literally be stifling life and the progression of this planet. The God who is God, Adonai hears the cries coming from this world and sees how everything that lives on this planet is being oppressed and denied the basic right of prosperity, by the few with an abundance of what is most valued among the primary species inhabiting Earth. Earth cries out for deliverance from that which is so valued it causes the primary species to prey on everything from the very environment to those who are a part of the species. It is obvious the planet is no longer safe or inhabitable because of the unfair distribution of what is valued among the primary species. The environment is threatened because of the toxicants that continue to be released into the atmosphere. Plants, aquatic, and wildlife is threatened as they are being destroyed, hunted, and/or slaughter for sport, many to a point of becoming extinct. The primary species is being oppressed, enslaved, slaughtered, left without shelter, unable to obtain nutrition, and denied healthcare. This is all because they struggle to maintain necessary needs because of an inability to operate in the established system. They struggle to sustain their very lives. They murder each other often slowly denying resolution to health issue, preferring dangerous treatments all because of that which is so valued by the primary species. Children are being brutalized by their adult parents. Females and males are being overtaken and sexually assaulted. Many feel the only solution is to take their lives because the systems created make it impossible for them to thrive. Even more are turning to drugs and alcohol consumption to help mentally escape the hell they are forced to live in by fellow humans with an abundance of what is valued. This is pure evil and cannot continue. Purges have occurred in Earth’s history and one is scheduled to occur in the very near future as this is a problem humanity on its own cannot rectify much less solve.

 This is the first message