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TOPIC: A Righteous Walk

A Righteous Walk 1 year 1 week ago #4214

  • Jay
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I’m glad my kiddos are in the Gnostic School. They are making kids stupid, passive. They won’t have a clue so they’ll just go along with whatever the leadership says. This is how you start a society like on the Handmaiden’s Tales show. This is how they will convert this country into a real communist like society. This is how we’ll end up in an authoritarian society. This is what to many of them want. We’ve heard some of trump’s supporters basically say this. Humans just can’t let go of the enslavement idea and that’s what I don’t understand. That is why I can’t see much of a future for this species. To many followers, selfish, racist.

Did you all hear the trump administration is trying to shut down our scientific study facility? They are trying to shut them down and shut them up. They don’t want to hear the scientific facts about how climate change is negatively affecting and impacting the planet.

I honestly admired law enforcement. All of that has been shattered, especially after what I witnessed personally with TJ. It was disturbing and only grew worse with Michael Brown (Ferguson Missouri), Travon Martin (Miami Gardens Florida), Eric Garner (Staten Island New York, Freddie Gray (Baltimore Maryland), John Crawford III (Beavercreek Ohio, Tamir Rice (Cleveland Ohio), Alton Sterling (Baton Rouge Louisiana), Laquan McDonald shot 16 times (Chicago Illinois), and Stephon Clark shoot in grandmothers’ backyard (Sacramento California). These stand out in my mind and has shattered my image of law enforcement. I grew up watching cops, my heroes, I watched the first 48, never really paying attention to the fact that it always had black men and women breaking the law until I witnessed what happened to TJ. No that don’t care about minority children so what happened in Phoenix wasn’t shocking. Look at them making jokes about how bad children are being treated in these detention centers, especially the for-profit ones. Republicans, always finding a new way to make money off of human suffering.

I grew up republican, the way I now view that party is it's sickening. I know there are good officers but MY God what are they going to do with and about the bad ones?

:lol: :lol: :lol: @Mike.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 6 days ago #4217

  • Ebony
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Well Lord Aries, God of War...your true self revealed your identity long before your bold confession. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I honestly believe I am a righteous person and I’m glad to see in this article that does not mean always giving to some cause. What is getting on my nerves about this current situation is they will not do anything about the current administration. We keep hearing all the terrible things they are doing but nothing gets done about it. I really can’t believe how unresponsive this government is and to think we elected all the democrats to do something, Thanks for Nothing Nancy!!!!

I have lost all faith in all public service professions honestly. It’s not hard to see how we ended up with a president like trump. Look at all the people in positions of authority or prestige. The people at the top are always terrible always! DA Prosecutors, Judges, congressmen, all of them. I’ve just seen so much over these past few years and some of the things these people have done is so disturbing for me. I just will be the best person I can be and always hope I am being good to others.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 6 days ago #4218

  • Mason
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Also, the American public-school system is insuring this by illuminating certain course studies initiated by Bush’s, the second one, No Kid Left Behind policy. It focused on Math, Reading, Writing, and later Science and began rating schools, teachers, and administrators on the merits of how well their students were doing in these subjects only. It took out the arts, the creative course that stimulate human expression. It took out physical activities such as gym. When I was in school the had gymnastics, dance, home ec where you learned how to cook, sew, create things for your home. They took out social studies where kids learn to care about what is going on in their communities, their government, their society.

Well Aries, still thinking humans would make good throw rugs I see. :lol: :lol: :lol: . I did pattern my version of Aries in UE after good ole Mike here. :lol: now you all see why.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 6 days ago #4219

  • Mike
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Heck yeah, in my gaming room in my palace at the edge of the underworld.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4220

  • Tony
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I am with Mason about the media making things worse by continuing to tell us about the horrible stuff this administration is doing and the lack of congressional response. None of them are doing anything about it. I can’t believe the republicans well yes I can. They finally have the kind of leader that represents exactly who they are, what they value, and how inhumane they are. I think I’m disgusted with the people who call themselves our representatives in congress. We might as well have elected a republican house. I don’t like Nancy anymore maybe she’s an in the closet republican. She’s it’s not our job to do what we elected them to do. There is no way we should be waiting for an election to deal with this criminal president and his criminal administration. He meets secretly with dictators so they talk about turning our country into one lead by a dictator. The republican woman make me sicker than the men. Men will do what they have done throughout time but you expect, I expect the women to show a little more sensibility, compassion. I’ve learned not to expect that especially after watching what two women did to five preteen minority boys. Heartless. I don’t necessarily think a white woman is the right person to put in the white house, I’m sorry they are pretty terrible to sometimes.

As far as my righteous walk, I also think I’m a work in progress but I’m progressing in the right direction.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4222

  • Mark
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OMG :lol: :lol: Michael is too much. He means it too.
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