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TOPIC: A Righteous Walk

A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4224

  • Justin
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:lol: :lol: Mike definite fits the role of Aries. He’s scary when he gets angry too. Mark deals with him when he’s angry the rest of us get out of the way. I hear Sir Paul was good when it came to handling the furious Mike.

I only know my heart is usually in the right place. I am more at peace within when I am doing what is right outside myself. I don’t think anyone who does the kind of things this administration is doing sleeps good at night. Mason, I see why good people are usually poor. If you pay attention to the way of things people will do just about anything for money, anything. Money clearly is the key that taps into the excessive part of humanity and keeps them from being humane.

I think behaviors go in cycles and I think the cycle of trumps corruption is coming to a head and it’s about to burst. Some of the people in congress are developing a back bone and they are standing up. Agents are coming forward and admitting how badly people and children are being treated at the southern border. Entire legal teams are refusing to do trumps illegal bidding. Barr is a joke.

I am disappointed with our criminal justice system and my prayer are with all those who have suffered at the hands of bad people in our system, but I have not lost all hope. I know Michael, Marc, Nico, Luke, Adam, Doug, the Judges’ grandsons. I look at all of then and I have hope. I have no faith in religion but I do believe in us, what we represent and stand for. The work we are doing and the help we are providing.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4227

  • Brice
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I love him…He’s all of that!!!
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4228

  • Jackeeg
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I think I am on a righteous path. I love Mike because he’s a doer, fixer. He’s mean when he has to be but he fixes everything that is put before him. He never fails.

I am most disappointed with how entwined causing the failure of an entire race. The black race in the United States is under-minded in every way imaginable. The education system is designed to fail them. Laws are put into place with the primary goal to target and snatch the life away from them early in life. Employers hiring them in positions that are mentally stressful with low pay. Call centers full of black people dealing with upset customers, customers upset because of the quality of service they are receiving, bad service as a result of the executives legally robing the public taking their money of little to nothing all day every day, money people are killing themselves to make. I can see why Mason doesn’t like insurance and doesn’t want to work in public education. I just think it’s so wrong and now they are dehumanizing humans seeking asylum in this country.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4231

  • Deb
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JR…thank you for reminding us of all the innocent people who have died at the hands of legal criminals. Did you all hear about the Starbucks employee who said something about how feeling uncomfortable having the cops around. I wonder how that makes them feel. People keep saying they are afraid of having black people around how does it feel to have people say they are uncomfortable have law enforcement around because to many of them behave violently? Like many have said, the bad ones are really starting to be a costly liability to the entire law enforcement community.

I respect the law enforcement officers I know but their attitude over all makes me not want to have to call or rely on them for anything ever. I am disappointed with our government but the local stuff scares me more.

Despite all of that, I have to say I’m supper glad I found my faith and I proud to be a part of the Gnostic faith and to be a member of my faith group because is what made me the righteous woman I am today.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4232

  • Mike
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I fail Jackee. But it is because I go against my own better judgment. I lost my life mate and I did that all by myself. My solace in that is she is happy and I really like who she is happy with.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 5 days ago #4235

  • nicoli
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Including me Justin :lol: . He is noble as well. Jay, nice recap, I want a plaque with their names listed just the way you listed them.

I’ve seen the worse of people in law centered positions of all kinds. People get on power trips. Money is just the beginning. Power, authority follows money. Privilege is also a big problem in this world. People who feel as if they are better because of the financial situation, ethnicity, o status. I find it hard to deal with how easy it is to abduct a woman and force her into prostitution and nothing happens to them. Look at this Epstein guy, rich, taking advantage of young girls, forcing themselves on their bodies and getting away with it. I am disgusted with how victims are made to be insignificant. They write stories about the criminal and although their victims are mentioned more attention is given to the criminal. That has always disgust me.

I struggle with how unfair minorities are treated in our criminal justice system and I’m going to say this, White men are way more dangerous than black men. They can hurt people in ways that are so heinous it’s unimaginable. They slide under the radar because they are white. They have resources that allow them to cover up the horrible things they do. It’s not black men who are scary. But it is the delusion they want to feed the world. They fight for what they need, white men fight for the fun of killing, denying, devastating.

I am a righteous man now but I wasn’t always so. Like Justin, I like being righteous. I sleep good at nigh
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