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TOPIC: A Righteous Walk

A Righteous Walk 6 months 2 weeks ago #4205

  • Jackeeg
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July Article is up and open for discussion. Again, type out your responses in word and so that you have time to think about what you want to say and not worry about timing out while typing in the forum. I'm looking forward to your responses and I'm off to compose mine.
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A Righteous Walk 6 months 2 weeks ago #4206

  • Brice
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I first want to say my walk in a righteous way is progressing. Because of things I grew up exposed to, I have veered in a direction that was more along the lines of deplorable. I have to agree, I had to turn down a job, a promotion, because I’m not interested in making the lives of others in anyway more hard or more uncomfortable for a financial profit. I’m becoming a more humane individual and how I deal with the world is now more important to me than the promise of more money. It’s not worth it in the end and I would much rather feel good about myself than make money at the expense of others. I have to agree capitalism is corrupting in more way that on. It feeds unto the deadly sin of greed that is clear.

I think I admire law enforcement. Most of the men in our family were in some form of law enforcement. I still respect law enforcement but I’m not comfortable believing they are all honorable officers of chivalry. It would seem all police departments would want to weed out and get rid of the officers who are clearly now a liability. My Uncle Mike is my idol and he remains so being all the things I expect and admire in a man. He is awesome to me.
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A Righteous Walk 6 months 2 weeks ago #4207

  • lindsey
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I completely agree that we are heavily influenced by the what we are exposed to early in life. So, living a selfless aka righteous life doesn’t men you necessarily have to give money to others correct? It’s more about caring about how you affect the lives of others. Jobs, so sometimes we turn down jobs even though they are paying well because we don’t feel comfortable doing what the job requires? That must mean it is requiring we do mean things in order to prosper.

I am most disappointed with our criminal justice system. My view of the media has changed. I used to hate them but now I respect them. I think my confidence in doctors has been most affected because to many of them allow insurance company to determine how they treat their people in their care and many are dying and suffering for it. I have lost so much faith in the medical practices in this country and I am sick of the high cost of medical insurance. We need Universal Health Care and we need it now!

I believe myself to be a moral person and I’m real tired of how horrible this administration is. These are some of the worst people on the planet. At this point there is nothing admirable about all government agencies these days especially with trump at the helm. Living in this country with that person in the White House is like riding with a drunk driver.
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A Righteous Walk 6 months 2 weeks ago #4208

  • Mark
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Lindsey, as a business man I must say, there are times when I was encouraged to do things that were self-evolving and whenever this is the case others will be taken advantage of, walked on, disregarded, lied to, all of it. If you recall the last thing the Dragon Queen said to John Snow before he killed her. He asked her about all the people who did not want to go along with the world she was trying to create, in so many words, her response was, they wouldn’t have a choice. That is the spirit behind success in a capitalistic system.

Listen they want us to believe a socialist society is a communist society and that us a LIE. The two are very different and another problem is people, the vast majority of them, wait if not need a leader. They will not read for themselves they will not think for themselves. No one can make an informed decision if they make no effort to look at the facts. If the insist on hearing the sky is purple even when their eyes tell them it is blue. Look I’ll go a step further, people can be told they are color blind that’s why they see blue instead of purple. Look at trump, he lies continuously, his base is blinded by their racism and the ideals deeply embedded in their ethnic and cultural beliefs and customs, they refuse to see, hear, and accept the facts. This is what we are dealing with.
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A Righteous Walk 6 months 1 week ago #4209

  • Mason
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Also, the American public-school system is insuring this by illuminating certain course studies initiated by Bush’s, the second one, No Kid Left Behind policy. It focused on Math, Reading, Writing, and later Science and began rating schools, teachers, and administrators on the merits of how well their students were doing in these subjects only. It took out the arts, the creative course that stimulate human expression. It took out physical activities such as gym. When I was in school the had gymnastics, dance, home ec where you learned how to cook, sew, create things for your home. They took out social studies where kids learn to care about what is going on in their communities, their government, their society.
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A Righteous Walk 6 months 1 week ago #4213

  • Mike
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Lol @ Lindsey that is so true. Riding on a mountain road and praying he doesn’t drive us off a cliff. He’s a murderer of all things good and decent and those who align themselves with him are no better if not worse than he is. They are stupid because he has no loyalty to anyone.

With that said, I’ll say I’ve lost my confidence in Americans doing the right thing. When you have a society full of shiftless people the leadership they elect is a reflection of their inability to be productive. People make me sick because they are really sickening. Trump should never have become president. No one should have voted for him for any reason. The writing was on the wall. I’m not a tolerant person. I don’t like excuses, and wrong is wrong damnit!

Mason patterned Aries in UE partly after me because I am not a fan of humanity. It produces people like Kim whatever his name is in North Korea, Putin, Trump and all the other savages that take pleasure in treating others in their species like the are insignificant. What the hell kind of person can treat human beings the way they are treating the migrants who are migrating to this country? People in jobs that should be humanitarians and they clearly are not. These people are deplorable, proven by their comments and activities on social media. They should not be working in this country at all, they should be in jail. This is what happens when wives of men who work in these positions call the FBI because they are being abused and they can’t get any help locally. They back each other up when they are wrong and all that does is foster a system of corruption that festers and grows. I had to leave the country for medical care that was in my best interest and not making money for pharma and insurance companies. I totally agree with Lindsey.

I consider myself a work in progress, I am a moral person but I’m a mean person. I’m not patient, not kind to a lot of people, and I’m not tolerant of foolishness.
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