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TOPIC: A Righteous Walk

A Righteous Walk 1 year 4 days ago #4248

  • Luke
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Mike…you are scary dude, for real!! But you are also very authentic!

I think it’s obvious we are living in perilous times and it is obvious that to many have come to believe bad is good. It is frightening to fully realize how horrible the vast majority in a society truly are. If it were not so, Barr would not be the US AG, trump would not be the president, McConnell would not be in congress much less the head of the Senate. People who profess to be in the service of the Almighty, would not be supportive of the evil that has finally taken root in the United States Government. Evil festers and destroys especially if it is not treated. My nephew said it correctly, the treatment for corruption is accountability. There is never any open accountability for those in authority who abuse the power of their position. The best message any organization or institution can send is one of accountability. It’s the same on a smaller scale. If we wrong someone, we must take responsibility and a simple apology will erase a mountain of pain. What keeps people from accountability? PRIDE! An excessive behavior that has proven to be deadly in so many ways. It would behoove some of the so-called men of god, to emphasis how destructive pride really is. But that’s to much like right and there you have it. There is no right in EVANGELICAL Christians. With that said, my biggest disappointment is with those who lead entire societies down an alley of darkness under the guise they are stewards of good.

I am a righteous man and although it makes it easy to sleep at night and live with myself, it is so very heard to live in an unrighteous world.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 3 days ago #4249

  • Jordan
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Hey, Michael is like Mufasa!!! I know I get out of the way when he’s mad.

I think my biggest disappointment is in the callous disregard for providing quality medical care to and for everyone. As a doctor I support universal healthcare. I don’t think health care should be a constant debate the way it is in the United States If people are expected to work and pay taxes they are definitely intitles to health care that is high quality and affordable. I hope all this chaos trump and his administration are causing will backfire and force universal health care. As a health care provider, I like helping people when they are sick, helping people to stay healthy. I enjoy what I do and I don’t like how insurance companies tie our hands. But only if we let them. Some of us are in private practice so we can make our own rules when it comes to our patients. I have a wide variety of patients, some doing well financially and some struggling to make ends meet. I treat them all the same, with love and compassion. I value my patients and hope I do them a service instead of a disservice.

I think I am a righteous man and it is truly a difficult walk just as t his article describes.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 3 days ago #4252

  • Val
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I admire my uncles as well and Uncle Mike is as sweet and funny, adorable even, as he is firm and scary when he’s angry. He balances it well and I think he is a very unique person.

I am very disappointed in the United States Congress the republican’s behavior has grown increasingly appalling. Nancy is starting to concern me she’s acting as if she’s afraid and we need a fearless leader. We need fearless leadership. I think because our leadership is so bad right now it’s making everything else bad. Leaders lead and right not they aren’t doing a good job and now it trickling down through the society. I am concerned when I hear over and over how older democrats, from Biden to Pelosi, are showing their own subtle racist tendencies. I think what disturbs me most in this country is the systematic way racism has intentionally disadvantaged minorities. I think it is a shame that there is a desire to so disparage a ethnic group who is simply trying to survive. This is what bothers me most about the world we live in today.

I think my walk is headed in the right direction but can always improve.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 3 days ago #4253

  • Niobi
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I think I on righteous path. I think I am more or want more to focus on what I to be very grateful to have. I am to be grateful to have the wonderful husband I have because it gets better and better life with me wonderful man. I to be very grateful to be Gnostic and to be part of this group. I have family with me and could not ask for more. I have legal right to be in country and we work for this for parents and brother. I have beautiful healthy children who very happy to be Gnostic it make me proud. I can’t believe we all in a safe place. The parents to me are like new people. I really enjoy these parents because now they could be who they are inside and it is very beautiful.

Michael I respect you but can see you to be Aries. You eyes get fire when you angry and they get warm when you happy. You Honorable, Responsible, Protective, and fearless. Like Mark you 100% male. :cheer:
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 3 days ago #4254

  • Shawn
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I think Mike is overall a good guy. He also is someone to look up too because he is accountable. He doesn’t try to be perfect and when he makes mistakes he admits he’s done something that wasn’t okay and shows remorse. We all do things we shouldn’t do sometimes but some people refuse to admit their wrong and that prevents them from taking responsibility for it and those hurt just keep hurting.

With that said this is what is wrong with our leadership. They are bad and they get worse because there is no attempt to admit there was a wrong done, no apologies are made, thus no accountability. It sends a message that some people are incapable of doing anything wrong and that’s simply a lie. To do this is also seen as being weak when it’s just the opposite. I agree people in this country do things completely backward and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I don’t want my kids to learn this kind of behavior or think it’s normal to turn bad into something right. Wrong is wrong no matter who is the wrong doer.

I think I am walking in the direction of right and I also attribute this to my Gnostic faith.
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A Righteous Walk 1 year 3 days ago #4257

  • Adam
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I do think I’m on the right path and I’ll Uncle Michael is an inspiration and I looked up to him and Uncle Nico instead of my father. I love you Uncle Mick and Nick. (big smile)

I wish I could be positive but I am really disillusioned about law enforcement in this country. I honestly believe the KKK has infiltrated law enforcement across the country and they need to implement some sort of psychological test of all applicants to insure racist applicants are not recruited and never reach the academy. I encountered way to many racist officers and this is one of the first places that needs a complete overhaul in our judicial system. All Americans pay taxes and they ALL deserve equal police protection for their tax dollars. It is a fact poor and middle class citizens are paying more in taxes because rich and wealthy people hire accountants and have republicans passing tax laws that shield them from paying taxes. If anyone should get low rate police services it is the rich and wealthy. They aren’t paying for that service. This war and attack on minorities and poor people needs to stop being tolerated. Why do we do shit so half as backward in this country?

I think I am on the right path for a righteous walk and I have my faith to thank for that.
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