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TOPIC: A Righteous Walk

A Righteous Walk 11 months 3 weeks ago #4313

  • Mason
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Okay it's been hectic and in light of the person occupying the White House and his typical behavior, allow me to say, we all know this is a corrupt president and administration. Nothing need surprise you. Just remember The Most High is bigger than anything and any living one. There is no power greater than the power of The Most High. Evil always last but for a season. The only thing that is forever, transcending, and everywhere is LOVE. LOVE is not an emotion it is a state of being. It is a thing. It has attributes. Hate is as well but he burns out and it dies. It does not prevail because it is negative and the Most High is positive not to be changed of moved.

The cop that killed Eric will get what is coming to him. Human, American justice is flawed and will always fail the innocent. But the Most High is perfect and is forever. In the end, their money will be useless, their perceived power we crumble at their feet, proving how false it always was. Pray for his wife for she is a victim, a battered woman, he does beat on her. She is the only one who deserves consideration. Not his adult children from his first marriage, not his friend, and not his administration. I have a novel called The Institute, It describes Epstein to a tee. I saw him, knew what he was doing and I started writing. There are so many influential men tied up to the sex slavery enterprise this man had going. This is how he made his millions. Supplying girls as young as twelve to very wealthy, very prominent men around the world. I have said it over and over, there is nothing horrible trump has not had a part in. He is a nasty slimy male that is getting away with nothing. Let go and let God my friends :cheer: . Remember what he does is easy, and when he falls it will be hard. I wish I could say I felt sorry for him but I do not. I pray he gets everything he so richly deserves. Also, remember the officer in New York got off but I believe a couple have been fired for covering up the fatal shooting in Chicago Laquan McDonald. Thirteen police officers in Philadelphia were fired after posting racist offensive things on facebook. So, some police departments are taking steps to rid themselves of the kinds of men and women who should never be in law enforcement.
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A Righteous Walk 11 months 3 weeks ago #4314

  • Mark
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I will piggy-back on what my sister said and add this monster, this literal devil, is doing so many horrible things. He is shutting down the people who insure our food is safe. He is firing the scientist that work for the USDA. We will feel the repercussions this man and his administration for years YEARS!!

That chant was disgusting and if I employed anyone in that audience they would be fired. How do we deal with racist, we shun them. They should not be welcomed in our businesses, in our schools, in our churches. They should be ostracized the way they have done minorities for over 200 years. Why did I turn away from the republican party all those years ago? This is why. They are all racist, they don't believe in fairness of women, minorities, and frankly anyone who is poor. Until there is some real accountability NO, none of this will change. Every person at that rally, if they are recognized, should be fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools, and if anything happens to any of these women they should face criminal charges. Every last single one of them.

Mason over seventy Philadelphia officers were reprimanded behind that online racial situation, over 70!!! And this Epstein situation. The law has no trouble through the book at minorities, especially males, even if they are children and innocent, it clearly works just as hard to protect real criminals even allowing them to remain free to offend again and again. All countries should worry about American White men coming into their country with all these sex crimes they are committing and allowed to get away with. I am angry!!! I am Livid!!!! I am embarrassed, I am ashamed of white people in America, and I am disgusted with Republicans in congress and every single person who calls themselves a republican!
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A Righteous Walk 11 months 3 weeks ago #4315

  • Luke
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The bottom line is we are all the descendants of migrants. This is not the natural land of the white Anglo Saxon ethnicity. It is the land of the native Americans.

Honestly they are the only logical ethnic group in this country that has a right to tell people to go back to Europe where their invading ancestors came from. But this is what happens when someone so completely unqualified to be in the position he is in, is in that position. McCain is looking down shaking his head, he probably can't believe he was ever friends with Lindsey Graham. I think Graham is just showing his true colors. He kept it bottled up all those years and now it's spilling out all over the place. The sad thing is the very real tragedy it all the minority voters who are republican won't be able to vote for a proven racist like trump. In fact, no minority will be able to vote republican even if they are registered as a republican. It's a very hard to see why they've done so many things to tip the scales in their favor when it comes to locking in votes. They know they don't represent or have an interest in all Americans and now that's clear or as transparent as crystal. It's really sad and I honestly pray nothing happens to any of those women. Frankly, how are we supposed to deal with terrorist outside the US when we have an age old band of terrorist in this country, Domestic terrorism is just as serious as all other terrorist behavior. It's kind of two-faced to act like Iran has horrible terrorist when we have white nationalist aka kkk and aryan brothers doing the same thing on American soil. Very sad!
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