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TOPIC: Omarosa's new book!

Omarosa's new book! 6 months 4 days ago #3144

  • Deb
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Mason...what are we to make of this woman? I honestly can't bring myself to take anything she does or says seriously, or think for a minute she is doing anything to or for the American people, and certainly not Black American people or minorities period! I'm angry! Should I be? I'm so disgusted by this woman that the sight of her turns my stomach. I have no desire to forgive her or to even think about her for that matter and I wish she would go somewhere and stay out of the limelight. I really wish she would disappear. I put this here for everyone to weigh in on this issue. Please share you thoughts in this thread.
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Amarosa's new book! 6 months 4 days ago #3145

  • Mason
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Deb I am not going to purchase this book I know that right off the top. I think she basically sold her soul to a devil and now she wants us to comfort her because her soul is troubled. It should be. As you have probably seen anyone and everyone who has sold their soul to this devil suffers or will suffer the consequences of their choices. They can't and/or won"the able to find jobs. No one wants them eating in their restaurants or near their place of business. No one wants anything to do with them after the ugliness within them is shown itself. They have shown the world what they truly are, what kind of people they are, what their values are, and what they stand for. Anybody that has any sense of decency now finds them to be the deplorables Hillary said they were and we all can see who the real lair was all along. This includes this demon. Forgiveness is divine. We can forgive but we do not have to forget or be bothered with people who willfully align themselves with devils. That devil she helped put in the position he is in is going to do so much damage to this country it will take years to recover. Reagan did things that caused the homelessness situation, something we are struggling with to this day. All I can say is thank God for karma. I will not be giving her any of my money but I can't tell anyone else what to do. Basically I agree with you.
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Amarosa's new book! 6 months 3 days ago #3146

  • Brice
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Honestly, she’s real cocky if you ask me. She drinks from her cup and tries to shut the reporters down. Her entire attitude is cocky just like it was when she joined the trump team before the election. I don’t like her and she’s constantly plugging for her book. I’m not reading it. I don’t care what’s in it. If you ask me they are two of the same kind of people and they deserve each other.
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Amarosa's new book! 6 months 3 days ago #3147

  • lindsey
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The media makes me sick all around. I mean why are they giving this woman air time to tell us all the shit we already know about the devil in office and his demons around him. That’s all they do. And they saturate us with bullshit. I for one am not going to allow them to shape my views and influence how I feel about what is going on around me.
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Amarosa's new book! 6 months 3 days ago #3148

  • Aaron
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Michael Avenatti has my vote for president in 2020. He’s young, he’s a fighter, and I'm tired of letting people like trump and those who went in this with him remain in the forefront. I’m done. I’m with him, it’s time to fight. No, we are not going to continue to allow the media to put trump in the lead and make us think the majority of Americans are idiots and think this man is great. I don’t know where they are polling but I know damn well whoever they are polling do not represent the majority of Americans.
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Amarosa's new book! 6 months 3 days ago #3149

  • Mike
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Some shit is done for the propaganda Nephew, the controversy. But today is not the day for that shit. I’m sick of seeing trump, Kelly, that sarah huckubee she’s so damn ugly, and I really don’t care for the arrogant amarosa. I don’t advise anyone to pay for more of the same. She’s broke, her money train has pulled out of the station without her, and she’s trying maintain the lavish lifestyle she has become accustom to living since she teamed up with the real devil that now occupies the white house. And yes, my unwillingness to capitalize these names and the white house is intentional. It’s my personal way of protesting all of them. They are disgusting and deplorable just as Hillary called them.
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