January 2013 Updates

  • Well, we are still here! Laughing So back to the business at hand. January will be the month set aside for reflection of the previous year. No new article will post, but the article that was requested and received the highest reponds will re-post in January of each new year. Therefore, in January the main forum will have a thread dedicated to reflecting on joys of the previous year.

December 7, 2014

Another year has come and gone and so many things have changed in our lives. 2014 brought many losses to us. We lost Roscoe this year and will loss Caleb soon. We have had some births as well. This months article is a tribute to our lost but never forgotten forum family members. We are currently voting on the Article of the year that will re-post for January 2015 and a new article will post in February. We have a first meeting for 2015 in March in Seattle Washington. See you all there.

One Love


  • A list of potential spots for our next group meeting will be emailed to all forum members at the beginning of January, please make your selections and return them ASAP or no later than January 31st so that we can announce our next group meeting dates and location in February.
  • Mason has purchased the Gnostic Bible, we will be evaluating it in January at which time we will decided if it is our offical Holy Book, not that we discredit the Holy Bible of which we continue to hold sacred, as we do any other valued literaure of faith. If this Gnostic Bible is found to be credible, we will make them available for purchase on the site or direct all those interested to where they can purchase this book.
  • One Love
  • JR