March 2013 Updates

  • Hello, as some of you may have realized, particularly those of you who meet with us on the four times in a year we meet up, the meetings will be schedule quarterly, and that means first quarter meeting is in April. We have set the date for the weekemd beginning April 26th. From Friday morning until Sunday evening we will be doing our thing. So mark the days on the calendar and take off work for that Friday and Monday if you have to. We haven't confirmed the spot but we are working on that and should know by Friday March 22nd. We will be sending the program schedule around this time as well. So far everyone has their Gnostic Bible right? Please let us know if you don't so we can try to assist you in picking one up.
  • Also, all forum members will be givem forum emails associated with the site. Please link these emails to your primary email account or I believe we can do that  I'll make sure but some of you are having problems recieving forum related news in your email so we will provide one for you. It will end with so let us know how you want it to start off. I'm not going to resitrict how you use the email but it's primary use is for Ephesus Group related matters. We learned quiet a bit with the hacking situation we had about a month ago. Since all members are pre-approved this is what qualifies you for the forum email. This will begin immediately so please let us know how to begin so we can get you set up asap.
  • One Love
  • JR