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TOPIC: Mid-term Elections!

Mid-term Elections! 1 year 4 weeks ago #3464

  • Mark
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I am responding to the tones of emails about the past election. The number one question I’m getting and this one is meant for Mason, “Will Trump try to start a war so he can stay in office?” I think he will do anything to stay in office. I think there are a lot of things we don’t hear about. But I believe in the power of karma and that is an instrument of the Most High and there is no power that can stand against it. Remember the bigger you are the harder you fall. Mason, please respond to that question in this thread.

I also want to say I don’t think the democrats failed because there was not a landslide win for them and they did not take the Senate. We have to understand they are up against Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering in laymen terms or defined is: a practice adopted by the Republican Party, of manipulating areas, county, town, city, state, boundaries that vote or have a electoral constituency favoring their party, have the majority of votes, or votes that matter, or that will keep the electric republican. This is also a way of making the voices of the upper middle class, and/or the rich/wealthy, aka businesses and corporations. This thus shuts the poor and lower middle class out and weakens their voice. We also have all the many forms of voter suppression, bullying as to oppress voters, and coming up with ways to disqualify voters. This has been going on for years. One election isn’t going to change that and this is why we need people to be involved with voting for officials in their local, city, county, and state governments. It matters, get and stay involved.

Also…there is one good thing that came out of what Russia did in 2016, we are all aware of how easy it is for our democratic way of life to be compromised and it made us all pay attention. So all of the many tactics republicans have used for so many years, that intensified after Obama won, were not able to go unnoticed this election. They Most High still sits on the thrown folks, and our God can turn every bad intent into something good. We are watching now and we aren’t going for it. That is a plus. No we don’t fear the gangster, mobster who stole the White House and there are far to man of us well off white men who are married to women of color, to allow the old racial bull crap to ever take precedence again. EVER!!!
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Mid-term Elections! 1 year 4 weeks ago #3465

  • Mason
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I think…well I know he will try but I assure you he is not as powerful as all of us together. He holds one seat, there are thousands of seats we occupy, the only thing more power on this Earth when it comes to humanity, is our numbers. Together it doesn’t matter how much money a person has. It will not, cannot stand up to the power of our collective presence.
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Mid-term Elections! 1 year 4 weeks ago #3466

  • Kay
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I'm just concerned that trump is going to get away with all the criminal stuff he's done. All this violence he is causing. He is trying to start another civil war right here in the US. People are dying because of him, it's obvious he doesn't give a damn about healthcare for all. He's openly racist and although there are some down right insane minorities and women who continue to support this openly racist woman hater, the majority of us are not at all ignorant and I think we proved that election day.
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Mid-term Elections! 1 year 4 weeks ago #3469

  • Barb
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My concern is how he embraces authoritarian leaders while shunning democratic ran governments who are our allies. I'm hoping he doesn't have as much control now that the house is all new and will be providing checks and balances. The republicans fight for control because it makes it easier for them to rub the society, cheat, steal, and even kill. They like the power. It's time for a change. They have cheated long enough. I wish they would ship trump and all his supporter off to another land and let them have it. I simply don't understand anyone who supports this man and they are angry like Obama said. Angry because they know they are evil and they are literally having tantrums.
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Mid-term Elections! 1 year 4 weeks ago #3470

  • Mike
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I think his rhetoric is dangerous but I don't think he'll ever take a position like Putin or Ung, He's to old and he doesn't look healthy. The man is old y'all. What is more disturbing is how shamefully the republicans have behaved for so long. I mean we saw the truth with Bush and it just got worse when Obama won and now there us no turn back. It's like the Wizard on the Wizard of OZ. The curtains are pulled back and the republicans are exposed.

Also, Amen Mark. Listen, we have to take the news in moderation. It’s like we have discussed, they have help create this monster and normalize his unethical, unpresidential behavior. He needs to be ignored. Reporters need to stop trying to question him because he is a crude, rude, asshole. He has shit on the constitution of democracy and defecated on the integrity of the office of Presidency. He got that unexpected lecture from the French President which was a lesson on the difference between Nationalism verses Patriotism, he’s a disgrace nationally and internationally.
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Mid-term Elections! 1 year 4 weeks ago #3474

  • Ashley
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As far as I'm concerned the Democrats kicked some serious butt in this mid-term election and that says all it needs to say about the trump administration and the republican party.
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