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TOPIC: August Meeting

August Meeting 5 months 1 week ago #3218

  • Mark
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Based on what is concerning most of you, as it was voiced clearly during the meeting, I want all of you to relax. The Most High still, always has, and always will, sit on the only throne that will ever matter. With that said, Trump is not a god and anyone who has anything to do with him pays a very serious price. This you can all see. This alone shows you who is the real one in charge. He can align himself with any world leader he wants and it will finally bring them down as well. Signing up with trump is a death sentence. The man suffers from the mental disorder known as Grandiose. He thinks far more of himself than he honestly should. Oh how the mighty fall. It’s been this way throughout history. Those who think they are gods find themselves reminded they are just human beings like all the rest of us. Trumps followers are a part of a cult, cults know no loyalty to anything that matters. They do not care about right or wrong and the demise of a cult is often deadly. Unfortunately, all of them will pay the price for what they have participated in. I’m talking about the big money makers who support this man. There is no question this man cheated to get where he is, like he has cheated most of his life.

We have talked about how white men his age, believe they are incapable of braking laws or the laws don’t apply to them. He thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants to whomever he wants. He’s white, he’s rich, not wealthy, just rich, and he’s gotten away with robbing, manipulating, and LYING most of his life so he now thinks he is untouchable. He demands loyalty when he is loyal to no one. They are getting away with crimes that would cause the average citizen in this country to serve many years in prison, and their crimes are on a much smaller scale. This man is guilty of tax evasion, bank robbery, and fraud. Felony offenses. He is a criminal, always has been. Murder is there as well. OH, HOW THE MIGHTY DO FALL!

It is time to sit back and let the dominoes continue to tumble. What I don’t like is how white men can get immunity for crimes they have committed while average citizens get nothing for cooperation. Average Americans are guilty by association, especially if they are black. If they are in the vicinity they go to jail. I’m disgusted with how these criminals are given immunity, pardons, or relaxed sentences because they agree to tell the truth. Only for White men, only, especially if they have money. It’s so backward and wrong. I have heard the phrase just us white folks. Justice is for just us white folks and when you see stuff going on in the world today, stuff right in your face, you totally realize what this means and why.

My official view on this president is it is coming to an end. We all must be aware that this is a corrupt administration, full of greed and racism. It is an administration with extensive ties to criminals, gang members. It is shrouded in lies and deception. A foundation built on lies and deception can not and will not stand. I am a part of the resistance. I will always resist a tyranny or an authoritarian leadership. I will not be quietly led by a thug, a thief, and a misogynist, white supremacist, racist son of a clan grand wizard. We will not allow the media to dictate how we feel about anything. We see them as an information source, one of many information sources. We walk in the light of the Most High and truth is in that light. We can’t condone or accept dishonesty, deception, and manipulation.
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August Meeting 5 months 1 week ago #3220

  • Niobi
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I wait to see Karma bring trump all the way down. It like he still do whatever he want an there are no consequence. I want to see responsible for wrong he do all the time. What to be wrong in America when man do this much bad and have no consequence? What bad message this send to children and make much bad adult because they say if bad man can be president why they should to be good? I am really angry and I have much disgust, much. :angry:
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August Meeting 5 months 1 week ago #3222

  • Adam
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I have to say I am repulsed by the republican party. When some of the members expressed how hard a time they are having with their republican friends and family members I could completely understand. Mark, I liked your response. Sometimes these are the kinds of things that define us and separate us. We all must remember that our obligation is to righteousness. We are called to be of high moral character and associating with those who choose otherwise will always be troublesome to and for us no matter who they are. I absolutely agree because I am cutting many people out of my life. I simply can no longer relate to them. It’s like they speak a language I have never heard and don’t understand.
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August Meeting 5 months 1 week ago #3225

  • Justine
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I remember one of the members talking about a life-long friend. It was a friendship she had to back up from and then turn and walk away. I knew what she was talking about haven had a similar experience. There is something to that turn that is so final. There is no recovering what was once shared. The dawning is somewhat shattering and then surreal, literally to the point of being unbelievable. I kept asking myself how I was ever able to call the former friend friend at all. Suddenly she looked strange to me, unnatural, just like trump does. Yes there is a serious division and I have no regrets.
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August Meeting 5 months 1 week ago #3227

  • Jess
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Adam it’s like it’s a primitive language. I have also cut quite a few people out of my life due to their behavior. I have since learned this also defines their political beliefs. They don’t understand that Trump is a very bad man with absolutely no morals at all and to support him is so ungodly it’s intolerable. It is a pill that can’t be swallowed. I listened to some of the stories this meeting and I found I was nodding most of the time as I have had many of the same situations. I tell you what, life is much more stress free cutting these people out of my life.
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August Meeting 5 months 1 week ago #3230

  • Vicki
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I honestly can see how bad minorities are treated in this country for the first time in my life. It has hit me like a ton of bricks and I read a story about a white professor that went on a tangent about how he hated white people because of their notion of privilege. It’s like the rot is exposed and it really reeks of the worse odor I’ve ever smelled. This calling the police on minorities for no reason. These racial attacks that are in various forms of media. The things caught on camera. It’s revolting the way white people behave and to think this has been going on for years is profoundly unacceptable.
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