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TOPIC: Current American policy

Current American policy 10 months 19 hours ago #2925

  • Mark
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Let me begin by saying I will post a thread when I am contacted by multiple people in my email about a situation that is troubling them. This is my response my friends.

I, Many of us, don't appreciate the continued claim that AMERICANS elected the Devil that now resides in Washington DC. Make no mistake this is the antichrist their Bible speaks of and his Attorney General is a Demon, a real one. Demons are hate filled, racist, hold inflated ideas of supremacy, enjoy causing others pain, emotionally, physically, and mentally, they don't care if the person is weaker, particularly children, women, or a group of people who are already in a suppressed condition.

We all will pray that this group of individuals come to a fast demise and leave our countries capital as they do not represent what the vast number of Americans represent, believe in, or cherish. Religion has long been a tool to persuade and control a society. This Devil's base do not serve True God, Money is their God. All we can do is show them their god is false and The Most High is the only supreme being in existence. Make no mistake about it the American people did not elect this Devil the mostly republican Electoral College elected this Devil. This is not the person Americans would have in control.

I said mostly republican that has long sense been a party of division, oppression, and deceit. I know this as I came from a family of republicans and was a republican up until the second Bush took office. I don't like dishonesty and cheating is cheating. I began to waiver on my political party during the time of Reagan. Every time a republican is in office devastating things occur. Homelessness started during Reaganomics people. Look at it today. What this current devil and his band of demons are doing now, will also have lasting affects. They do not care about the national debt, this is obvious.

There is a problem with humanity, and that is they ignorantly believe they are the only things in the Universe. This big ass universe and it's just us. That is NOT ARROGANCE that is IGNORANCE! This I know as I am an arrogant individual but my arrogance is tempered by humility and morality. They keep saying this is not who we are. YES IT IS who TO MANY IN WHITE AMERICA ARE!!! They retain their superior attitudes that allow them to exult themselves and repress and oppress others. This is who we are, especially those in the republican party. Understand, most of what is going on is wrong MONEY motivates every act they take. They rob the tax payer to fund things that work against them. Remember, this is what they did during slavery. The current demon in the attorney general seat is very racist and comes from a family that has no problem with oppression. He harbors slavery type ideology and this is obvious in what he is doing PERIOD folks. It's not just this separation of families, ripping children out of the arms of their parents, just like they did black people in the days of slavery. This is America people. It is this countries history and as long as we have people allowed to hold and occupy influential positions of power, it will remain the ugly truth about who and what this country stands for. This is it in it's raw, bare bones view, exposed. Look at it, know it, understand it, and be prepared for the ugliness that accompanies it.
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Current American policy 10 months 4 hours ago #2926

  • Justin
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Amen Mark, this administration is clearly a demonic one. trump is the Antichrist so many Christians fear. He has literally arrived.
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