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TOPIC: May meeting topics

May meeting topics 1 year 6 months ago #2824

  • Mark
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Okay, I’ll start this month’s topic. To begin, we discussed a few things during the meeting that were troubling to many of you.

1st trump’s base is a fraction of the people who live in the United States. I don’t know if you all had a chance to hear him on his favorite cable news network, FOX but if you didn’t trust me, he never stops proving he is not qualified for the position he holds. It further proves his base isn’t as large as the media would like us all to believe. On that note…so what if his poll numbers are going up among those in his base. Listen, the media does what it needs to do to keep up their ratings and right now this mess with trump is keeping their ratings up. They won’t talk about all of us who know that man is guilty as sin and we have no intentions of voting in a bunch of republicans that will allow a traitor to remain in office because he supports their racist, bias, agenda. Please remember conservatisim grounds racism and so does most religious practices. They give credence to the idea some humans are superior to others in the sight of the Most High and that is a bald face lie! Calm down, the Most High’s justifier is on the case and Carma misses no one folks, no one.

2nd about the NFL, the players have every right to stand up for an issue that is clearly a problem in this country. This is something they do before they start actually working and let me put it like this, the fans can either respect how these players feel and weigh in on the behavior of too many in an institution tax dollars fund, that is behaving in the manner many of these officers are behaving. Black people pay taxes too damnit. They aren’t paying to have their sons slaughter in the streets by the people who took an oath to protect and serve! Now, if fans can’t see the wrong in what’s happening than to hell with them too. The NFL players are not preforming for MASSA damnit. These are human beings standing up for a wrong, and injustice to their race. They have every right to do so!
Let me say this again. I am a wealth white man, married to a beautiful black woman, and I have half black sons and daughters. I do not want them slaughter by members in an organization sworn to protect and serve not brutalize, maim, and murder! This is not what I pay taxes for but this is what is being allowed and tolerated. Let’s not forget there are many of us out here who are concerned about the safety of our children.

3rd there are also many of us who are on the ground doing what we need to do to make sure our country is not destroyed by the current administration. Trust me, what the media doesn’t say is what’s most important. We have soldiers and they are on the move protecting our constitution, our liberty, and our democracy from the gangster, the real animal who sits in a seat he should never have been allowed to occupy! Now, let’s let this go and rest assured something is being done about the illegal activity that has occurred by the person and those working for him in this administration. Let them stay on television. We don’t need to do that. Stop worrying, The Most High sits on the thrown of authority and we don’t bow down to no MAN! We take to our knees for the real authority and that is The All Mighty God who is God. The Most High!
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May meeting topics 1 year 6 months ago #2825

  • Justin
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Also, remember the marches that the media loves to forget about. These are not the people who are voting for or who support trump. He is empowering the worst among us. What kid of people would be all right doing what they are doing to defenseless children? Deplorable people just like Hillary called them. What kind of people could continue to support such a monster? You guest it. Let us remain in pray for deliverance, justice, and a return to normal when it comes to our elected officials, statesmen and women, and elected members of congress. This is not only outside of the norm, it is wrong. Wrong only last but for a while and these days that while is becoming shorter and shorter.
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May meeting topics 1 year 6 months ago #2826

  • nicoli
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Personally, I think the media is making too much of the North Korea thing. I don’t give a damn with so much more pertinent stuff going on, on the home front. I think the media is how trump got elected in the first place. They give him just what he wants most, recognition. They have allowed his tweeting to become normal and it is not. I don’t give a damn about what that man tweets or when he tweets it. That is not an effective way of communicating and I pay it little to now attention. This is not how a dignified, mature, leader of a country behaves and I refuse to accept it or play in to it. Hell no I don’t believe he has an approval rating over 10 among average American Citizens and that’s my truth based on logic.
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May meeting topics 1 year 6 months ago #2827

  • Mike
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It is hard when you realize everything you believed in and stood for is tainted with the blood of innocence. We all want to believe there is really a law enforcement agency that represents all Americans no matter your ethnicity or race. To realize that isn’t the case is disheartening. We just have to stay on the side of right and do our part to make life a fair and just place for everyone, all Americans. And we also need to remember that none of us originate here on these lands but the Native Americans. We do not have the right to torment immigrants the way the trump administration is doing. It is hideous which speaks to the leadership currently infecting this country.
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May meeting topics 1 year 6 months ago #2828

  • Marc
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Yeah it shocked everyone at my department when I gave notice. I didn’t bite my tongue about why I’m leaving. I can’t do it. I don’t want to be a part of a group of individuals, entrusted with keeping communities safe, who are themselves the perpetrators of vicious cruelty, murder. Do you know a tazor can stop a person’s heart? The athlete is lucky to be alive. They want black people to be all right with the injustices they still endure in this country and I just don’t want any part of it. I wasn’t the only one who gave notice. There are officers out there, good people, who don’t want to be a part of a bad organization and at this point, to much bad is being allowed. Murder is being condoned, tolerated, made light of, covered up, and allowed. That is not why I joined the police force. I joined to protect and serve the citizens in our communities not victimize them. Any petty thug can do that.
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May meeting topics 1 year 6 months ago #2829

  • Josh
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Okay…Mark I watched the race in America think on MSNBC Tuesday and I want to know what this talk thing is Black parents have to have with their sons. What is the talk?
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