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TOPIC: Are we more Malevolent or Benevolent at heart?

Are we more Malevolent or Benevolent at heart? 1 year 2 weeks ago #2748

  • Jay
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Mark I want t say I wrote a page long article, started the editing process, and look at what the writers and editors came up with. I hate to say I wrote this. They really do a good job. Thank you ladies. :kiss:'s time to deal with the person in the mirror again. Let's look a little deeper and see what turns up. Please, share you thoughts, tell us who you are at your core and why you feel this is who you are.
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Are we more Malevolent or Benevolent at heart? 1 year 1 week ago #2749

  • Adam
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Okay...I'll get us started on this topic. After careful thought I have to say I am a benevolent person with malevolent tendencies. I don’t always do the right thing, for example the way I handled that black family I spoke about in the previous topic. I think I spend to much time around criminals. I attract all kinds of people but for the most part my circle of friends seem to be on the up and up. I have had some shady friends and what’s scary is they were all in law enforcement. I have sense cut ties with these fellas realizing we don’t really much in common except what we do for a living. It has made working uncomfortable they blame it on my faith often making lewd comments and calling me the religious man. I put a stop to that and know they call me Mr. G the G stands for Gnostic. I’m fine with that but the know it’s changed my life. Sometimes they question me about it, showing a real interest. The Cap assigned three rookies to me for training and it shocked me. I arched and eyebrow and he told me, I want them to work with a faithful seasoned officer and I nodded knowing exactly what he meant. I was also promoted and part of my new duties is to absorb the new officers and get a feel for how well I think they will adjust to their position. I now think new officers need to be place with a well-rounded veteran officer that will help them remain honest.

The people I admire are Mark, Mason, Obama especially now, my uncles, basically the people in my new circle of friends. I think Mark is at the top of my list because he looks holy. I love how he carries himself. I admire his natural leading ability, and I like how in tune is his to all of us.
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Are we more Malevolent or Benevolent at heart? 1 year 1 week ago #2750

  • Justine
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I know I am a benevolent person and most of my friends are as well. I have had horrible friends who took advantage of my kindness but I’m glad it didn’t change me. I certainly have malevolent family members, in fact grandpa called me to tell me how disgusted he is with all of us. I hung up on him before he could go to far. I will not allow him to torment me and verbally assault me. Frankly I don’t want anything to do with my fraternal grandparents ever again. I think they are terrible people.

I am most comfortable around benevolent people. I don’t like chaos, I like calm. I believe my core nature is benevolent and I really thought about who I become when I’m looking for a job, it’s an ice cool, calm me. When I’m going to one of my grandparent’s functions, it’s a snobbish bitchy me. It’s how I fit in. In fact, whenever I did anything with them I found myself becoming someone I didn’t really like. I lived with them and they treat their staff so bad. I hated it when I was young but when I became an adult I found myself doing it as well. Mark, how do you keep from being a snobbish bore? I have always want to ask you that. :lol: :lol: :lol: you too Luke, and Justin :lol:.
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Are we more Malevolent or Benevolent at heart? 1 year 1 week ago #2751

  • Mark
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Um Casey, whoever said I wasn’t an absolute snob my dear? I assure you, I have to fight to hold down that part of me. It is my core self. It comes with the birthright, the gold spoon, the ethnicity, the hair and eye color. You weren’t around when I frequently called myself the king, sweetie I am royalty. My farther told me to never forget that. Don’t pretend it doesn’t come through in Luke :lol:. Now I’m not mean to my housing staff, I’m not always nice to the landscapers, the pool attendants, and I occasionally get tart with my drivers but it’s only on occasion. Ask your father about MM, he’ll tell you. :)
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Are we more Malevolent or Benevolent at heart? 1 year 1 week ago #2752

  • Jess
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I have seen Mark's snobbish side :lol: :lol: but he's a nice snob. Trust me, he can look down that European nose of his real well :lol: :lol: .

As a psychologist, and the brother of a serial killer, I know all to well how it feels to deal with a malevolent sibling. I can tell you Ben always made me uncomfortable, even as a child. We shared a room at one point and for some reason my parents separated use and Ben was locked in his room at night. Mom said he was bothering me in my sleep and it disturbed her. He killed my dog, said it was an accident but deep down I knew it wasn’t. That’s when he went away. Mom says she refused to live with him. I remember her calling him a demon and him just sitting there like nothing was going on. I didn’t understand it back then but I do now. All of us related to such a person live in denial most of the time. Facing the truth is so hard. But I must say, it was never hard for my mother. He came back when he was older, and he’d learn to hide his true self very well. Mom knew he hadn’t changed and she left, refusing to stay in the same house with him. He never did anything bad to his family or anymore household pets. But we now know he was killing other people’s animals. I felt sorry for him because mom would have nothing to do with him. I didn’t understand it. Now I know why. When he went to jail his real self came forward in a way the shocked me. I’m so glad Ashley and he babies survived. I told the police a couple young girls went missing when we were teenagers and we now believe Ben was responsible. It’s chilling, knowing you lived with a completely malevolent person for any amount of time in your life. Dad said he took him hunting once and the plan was to kill him but murder wasn’t in him. But he says he now wishes he had the guts to do it because he went on to devastate the lives of so many. I can’t imagine how my parents cope with knowing Ben was this way.

I prefer to be around and usually attract benevolent people. However, I have so pretty malevolent patients. I think at my core I am a benevolent person.
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Are we more Malevolent or Benevolent at heart? 1 year 1 week ago #2753

  • Vicki
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I believe at my core I am a benevolent person, but I have been known to be a pretty mean person as well. I know about that snob thing as well Casey. Usually something happens that knocks you down to Earth. Sir Paul did that for me. I attract all kinds of people and I remember falling in love with my first husband. What attracted me to him was his financial position. He wasn’t very good looking but he was fit and well off. I over-looked everything else about him that I didn’t like choosing to focus on what I did like. It was a mistake.

When I allowed myself to be true to myself and be who I was at my core I met and fell in love with the man I was born to be with, Jess is the best thing that every happened to me and I’m as much in love with him as I was when we first met.

This article drove home a point for me. It is dangerous out in the world and I want my children to always look to their Gnostic faith in all things. They are all marrying now to Gnostic men and women and it takes a load of worry off my mind. When Jay said somewhere out there a wife will lose her life to her husband when he snaps, I know a lady who that happened to and it shook me to my core.
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