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TOPIC: Another Gnostic clarification to share

Another Gnostic clarification to share 7 months 1 day ago #2677

  • Mason
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Okay...I took a moment to write this over in Word and it sounds 100% better. I was trying to respond to something that happened to me while doing a million other things. :)

Folks...I have had several people question our non-belief in one being a devil who torments humanity, making them commit all manner of sin. First of all, as Gnostics, we know that humans are but one intelligent species among countless intelligent species in the vast universe. We know that humans are not the center of all life. So, what value are we to such a being if this being exist. We are not a treasured species. All life is in the image of The Most High…all life. There simply is no individual being, so powerful and terrible, as to spend night and day tempting the lone species known as humans. We are not a lone species in the universe, worthy of trying to inspire to commit vile acts against each other. The thought of that is ludicrous. This comes from lowly, sub-primal mindsets.

The second thing to know about Gnostics is, we do not view the Christian Bible, or any other book written by humans, as the word of The Most High. We see the Christian Bible as an account of history, particularly the Old Testament. Some reasons why we don’t place much faith in the Old Testament include: the God written about in these books seems very insecure and the Most High is far from insecure. The Most High is not a hateful, punishing God. The Most High does not feel jealousy, in fact, there are no negative emotions in the nature of The Most High.

The Christian Bible says the Most High's ways are so much higher than ours and gives an example of that being as high as the heavens are from the Earth. I suggest it is higher than that. Haven said that, some of the behaviors of the God in the Old Testament of the Bible are not very loving. Why would the Most High require a life of a love one to prove loyalty? Why does a God need on particular ethnicity in the human species to exult and place in a superior status? Frankly the God in the Old Testament Bible emanates the ugly behaviors we see in humanity today. The Old Testament Bible has been tampered with, things have been written out, written in, and whole books omitted.

The third thing everyone should know about Gnostics, is our belief is in a God with seven distinct parts that are capable of functioning on their own. Still they function better when they body is complete. These parts are called Aeons and there are three male and four female. There is no way God would condemn females to a life of secondary citizenship born to be treated the way men treat them all over this planet. This is not and never has been the will of The Most High. This behavior is again extremely beneath the Most High. It is a human behavior and goes along with humans desire to be better and control a mass group of individuals.

So, any hateful act is not inspired, condoned, or encouraged by The Most High. The trouble with humanity today is religion. Again, it is a form of control, which again is an attribute of Hate. A controlling nature begets superior attitudes, and, please understand, NO human is better than another for any reason, especially not in the opinion of The Most High. The loyalty of the Gnostics is to the Most High. This is our God. The primary god of humanity is MONEY! Understand...all living species beneath the realm of the Most High are born with an ingrained moral code. The problem is, many humans deny and reject this code. This allows them to treat fellow members of their species with cruelty, disdain, and indifference. There is no sole being that causes this. What it is, is a denial of the moral code that is a part of all of us and a willful choice to embrace hateful behaviors with is evil.

Gnostics make no excuses for humans and this Devil in most human religions is made out to be more powerful than The Most High. The only devils are in human form, as are demons. No we do not believe Lucifer is the devil and frankly to continue to refer to this deity in that fashion is a form blaspheme. Lucifer is more than an angel, he is the second male aeon of the most high the word is the third. Humanity is individually, solely responsible for how they behave. Once we are aware we can make choice on our own we embark on a path making our own choices, this usually begins during puberty. I hope this answers, again, why we do not believe in a Devil or hell.
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Another Gnostic clarification to share 7 months 20 hours ago #2680

  • Rod
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Mason...I'm glad you posted this because this is something I am tired of trying to explain to my parents who refuse to accept our belief and faith. I don't want my father to join us anymore. I think he attended our meetings to mock me.
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Another Gnostic clarification to share 7 months 19 hours ago #2681

  • Rocky
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I am also glad you posted this thread Mason. I am glad we have someone like you to clarify things like this because some of us still deal with people in our lives who ask questions that I find hard to articulate. Now it has once again been made clear. Thank you Mason, Thank You!
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Another Gnostic clarification to share 7 months 2 hours ago #2686

  • Tony
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See, now see, Thank you Mason. I mean come on. What is the deal with needing a damn crouch for most humans. Stop needed a scapegoat, someone to blame other than the self. I'll be printing this and handing it out to all who act like they don't know.
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Another Gnostic clarification to share 6 months 4 weeks ago #2688

  • Kelton
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I just love it when you clarify things My Lady!!
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Another Gnostic clarification to share 6 months 4 weeks ago #2691

  • Jess
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Wow! Mason...what prompted this?
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