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TOPIC: Okay Gents it's your turn!

Okay Gents it's your turn! 1 year 1 month ago #2669

  • Justin
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All right gentlemen. Honestly, have you ever harbored sexiest views when it comes to women? Have you ever harbored racial bias views? Have you ever supported the views of current day republicans, particularly those in congress? Oh and let's not leave out homophobia. Do you still harbor some of these views? If not, what changed you? When did you change and are you glad you changed?
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Okay Gents it's your turn! 1 year 1 month ago #2670

  • Kelton
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Okay…I’ll start this one out. As for women, yes…I have been a little callous at times. I was raised to believe they are kind of second class, you know, behind the man. I put it away until my sister did what she did to me, to me, proving that women do follow the man. At that point I started feeling myself. I mean you hear the R&B artist’s songs, and man it’s like I know exactly what he’s saying. Who is it that sings Ain’t No Love In Me? That was me for a while.

Bias, yes, I didn’t like White people period that’s why I was so uncomfortable at my first meeting Mason. It was to white for me. But you were right, you saw even deeper…you saw a pain I thought I had long since learned to mask and forget about. When I saw you, I knew that look and I realized I was where I belonged and you knew exactly what that pain feels like. Needless to say, I now have a whole shit load of friends who are like brothers to me and they are White. They embraced me, welcomed me, and helped me start to really heal.

I am glad to say, I do not harbor any of those bitter feelings today and I am grateful. I am not nor have a ever been a republican as the republicans in congress today sicken me to my core.
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Okay Gents it's your turn! 1 year 1 month ago #2671

  • Mark
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Honestly, I didn’t like white women. Had no attraction to them and I still don’t. We just don’t jive with one another. I think I have to much soul in me or something but I just don’t feel I relate to them in many areas. I have been at points when all I want to do is jump in and jump out. I was young. I also wen through a phase where I was indifferent to the plight of minorities. I was a republican and all I cared about was my bottom line. Again, I couldn’t relate to them or their struggles. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I didn’t have any trouble feeling myself. I won’t say I was racist, I just didn’t give it much thought. I had no black friends because there were no black people in our circle of friends. There were no minorities in our circle of friends. But…But, I knew I liked them chocolate ladies.

I changed when pop got a hold of me and gave me what for. But…after Yolanda, I thought I would revert back to me devil may care ways, but I didn’t. I’m glad because I was able to see Niobi.
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Okay Gents it's your turn! 1 year 1 month ago #2672

  • Adam
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Hmmm, I didn’t really think badly of women but I did feel you know, they should be bare-foot, in the kitchen, not so much pregnant, but you know, doing the house wife kind of thing. I think I picked that up from my father. But, I hated the way he treated mom so I just did all I could to be different.

I was republican and for a while I bought into the whole black people were lazy and always fell back on the race card to cover up their unwillingness to do better for themselves. It affected how I related to them in my job, I won’t lie. I know what’s happening with many of these white cops who are gunning down unarmed black males. When you grow up hearing how all black men like to do is commit crimes and get high it gets into your subconscious and you don’t realize how badly it is affecting your judgment.

I was set straight by a black woman. I went on a domestic violence call and she wouldn’t say anything to any of us. I asked her what she called for and she gave me a look that made me step back. She told me she didn’t call and a chill ran down my spine. She told me she would never call a bunch of racist white cops to help her. She told me she knew none of us cared about what she was going through and she wouldn’t waste her time or ours. She stood up and tried to walk away but her leg was broken and she immediately collapsed.

We called for medical assistance and when she looked at me I knew she wasn’t going to make it. I stumbled. Here was a hard-working mother whose husband took his frustrations out on her because she was more successful than him. A neighbor called the police and it pained me to realize she would have died rather than call us for assistance. I knew then something was wrong with me and I sought help. I had to take some time off and I went to check on her in the hospital. She wasn’t doing good and her children were gathered around her in tears. They were so young. I told her I was so sorry and she smiled at me. She told me I didn’t do it and I shrugged and when my eyes filled with tears she took my hand and told me I was a good officer. She thanked me for being there and within the hour she was gone. I helped raise money to make sure her children were taken care of and today two of them are in college and the baby is graduating high school. She wants to be a doctor and thanks to Mark and Justin, she, like her brother and sister, will get her chance. After that I started to pay attention and my republican views…I just couldn’t harbor them because republican views are racist views.
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Okay Gents it's your turn! 1 year 1 month ago #2673

  • Jay
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I didn’t really have any special beliefs or ideas about women until I became an adult and embarked on my career. To me they seemed weaker in mind so when the fella’s said things I leaned toward agreeing with them. All men have an inherent feeling that women are in some way less than they are. Some have a more exaggerated idea and those are the dangerous ones. I met a few. I can honestly say I never felt anywhere near the things expressed by trump when it comes to women and I can see why they are upset.

I was raised in a racist home but it didn’t rub off. I had friends of all races and I loved rap music, hip hop, the black style and culture. My father hated it which drove me out of the house early in life. I just wasn’t feeling all that shit he was talking. I have never been a republican and it’s obvious why. I’m bisexual so I’m not homophobic. I am a very liberal conservative hater! Let me be free, let me live my life in a way that is comfortable to me not other people.
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Okay Gents it's your turn! 1 year 1 month ago #2674

  • Luke
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Honestly, I don’t like women most of the time. I love my female family members and most of the women in our Gnostic group, but the majority of women in the world, I don’t really care for or about. I think to stay with a man who is abusive to you is disgusting, I think to stay with a man because he has money is disgusting, I think to allow a man to abuse you in front of your children is child abuse. I think to vote for a man like trump for any reason is disgusting. I’m not a human female fan at all.

I’m homosexual but most of them make me sick too. They are too bitchy and bitching about small shit. Like the bathroom thing, take you ass to the bathroom, why must the world acknowledge you are transsexual. Take your ass to the bathroom and keep it moving. If you identify with male go to the men’s bathroom, if you identify with female take your ass to the female bathroom, us the toilet, wash your hands, and get the hell out. Sorry but I didn’t give a fuck about that whole waste of time scenario.

I was a republican at one point, only because our father was a republican but it was short lived. I like minorities I always have and I’ve always hated the way black people are treated in this country, always. It disgusts me. It’s stupid and the reason for part of this is religion and the weak god the Christians and most religions serve. If your god is insecure than of course you are as well. If you think you are better than someone because your skin is lighter, you are the very one who is not better than the lowest of someone’s. You’re scum.
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