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TOPIC: Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? 7 months 2 weeks ago #2448

  • Jackeeg
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Okay forum family, the new article is posted and we have an activity that goes with it and must be added to the portfolio. We will go over it during Spring meeting. We are off and running for the new year. :cheer: You will be posting answers to the question: Do you have someone in your life that causes you discomfort because of how they behave? You don't have to use their name but tell us about it.
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Who do you think you are? 7 months 2 weeks ago #2449

  • Mike
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Let me start us off. :evil: Honestly, I’ve had a few people in my life I had to fight to control my, often wayward mouth with. A couple of them are children. Yes, Mason and I have a daughter and a son that really piss me off every time their names are mentioned. The mess they’ve made of their lives, there is just no excuse for this and it really pisses me off. I let Mason deal with them because she has WAY more control and tack. Most of you know the daughter wants to say she doesn’t believe in God because she doesn’t want to live her life right. She…her mind doesn’t function on anything constructive. I mean, this is insane. She aspires to be a criminal if you ask me. She likes that element. Every man she gets involved with is a piece of shit as thug, and you know what they say, behind every good man is a GREAT woman! Well it’s clear she has no interest in being a great woman and it just makes you blood boil because there is no excuse for it. NONE!

The son…OMG the boy has always told me he was going to be a thug. Well, he went to the Navy, got out, and I swear, all he does is drink and get high. What the hell!!! At least I can say our son has no children, thank God, unlike our daughter. Guess what kind of parent she is, father in prison and her running around like she had no children. Needless to say, I have no trouble speaking my mind and then some. I’m sure you all know that about me by now. I have to bite my tongue because like Mark says, the way you say things will depict how volatile the confrontation will be. By the time I say something I’m ready for it. Bring it, all I can say is I hope they can dish it, and take it too because it’s coming, at least on my end it is.
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Who do you think you are? 7 months 2 weeks ago #2450

  • Mason
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Well damnit let me be the second...OMG…Mike is right. I am so pissed with one of my daughters it burns my ass and I’m not biting my damn tongue anymore. I let her have it, I speak my mind and it feels good. I’m not going to keep acting like what she does is all right. I have my grandchildren because she will not be a mother to them. Even when she’s around she’s not a mother. All she does is sleep and run the damn streets and piece of shit, O M G!!!!! Every single one, and they get worse and worse. I’d say the person makes me or causes me the most discomfort is my damn daughter. The getting high, the people she associates with, the men she gets involved with. Her sexual deviance. I can’t stand a slut…I really can’t. They turn my stomach and I don’t want them sitting on my furniture, using my bathroom, are getting to close to me. To me there is nothing in the world worse than a loose ass woman. It’s never all right. It’s not funny. It’s disgusting. We bring life into this world, we must be more virtuous and have some damn self-respect!

I got right to it Mark. I said everything that is on my mind today and damn it felt good.
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Who do you think you are? 7 months 2 weeks ago #2451

  • Jess
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WOOOO, I would have to say it’s my tramp of a daughter too. From the moment I saw her in College girls gone wild I struggle to admit she is my daughter. I know shame, I know disgust. It only gets worse and I get so tired of hearing how I’m supposed to love her no matter what. Bullshit and I don’t. I am disgusted. She’s a call girl now. No excuse for this. NONE!!! I can see girls having this problem when they have experienced some form of abuse as children and teenagers. But my daughter did not and Mason’s did not either. They are sexual deviants by choice and I choose not to deal with it. No self-respect. She was once my princess, now she’s not even pretty. I have tried to move past the Girls gone wild thing but it just gets worse. We have her daughter because she is to busy being a tramp to be a mother.

I have told her and her mother, another one I absolutely can’t abide. I don’t know what I ever saw in her, why I married her. Every time I talk to her I ask myself what the hell I was thinking. I can’t even use the excuse I was drunk. Rod, I might need to spend some time on your sofa. I just don’t know what was wrong. I do hate confrontations and I typically will just walk away from both of them. But, something will happen and it will come spilling out and I’m left wondering if I actually said the words that came out of my mouth. I have had a few Mike moments :lol: ! Especially with my ex-wife. But typically I just walk away pissed off.
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Who do you think you are? 7 months 2 weeks ago #2452

  • Chris
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For me it’s my whole damn ex-in law family. I can’t get rid of them. I wish they would all drop off the planet. My ex mother in law is the worse. She wants to pretend like she calls to speak to my son, but she really wants to say a few things to me. It’s true, they don’t have a problem saying shit and I’m going to stop having a problem too. I try not to get to crazy in front of Wesley but he told me to say what I need to say. I’m just waiting for her to say something Rere. I swear I'm going to blow my stack. I have moved one, my ex has moved on several times. I often wonder does she talk to the other ex’s the way she talks to me.

I’m going to have to get like my brother and have a Mike moment because I’m getting sick of all of them, even my ex father in law.
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Who do you think you are? 7 months 2 weeks ago #2453

  • Doug
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For me it’s a few guys I work with. I don’t like their views and I walk out of the room when I come in and they are there. I haven’t confronted any of them and there are three. I just walk away from them. I know it’s coming though. I can’t stand racist people I don’t care what their ethnicity and I get sick and tired of hearing all the bullshit. Young Black males are being gunned down and nothing happens out in the public. The officers just are let go in secret, after the fact, no one ever knows unless they are keep tabs. I think the media needs to focus on the officers after they have been exposed for the murders that they are. I don’t live by the damn code. I’m a honorable officer and I can’t stand a dirty cop, that’s what they are, cops. They are not upstanding officers of the law and like Mark says they never have been suited for such a admirable, highly responsible position.
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