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TOPIC: Winter meeting!

Winter meeting! 2 weeks 1 day ago #2391

  • Jay
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It's been a while folks, since I've led a topic. Life...what can I say. Some of us have had some serious experiences since Fall meeting. WOW! Linden was shot and it wasn't a flesh wound or a wound left from a bullet that grazes the surface. We are all so glad he survived and lived to tell his story. It's an ugly story that finally ended the final chapter to that part of his life. I remember when Mike was shot and he almost died. It was traumatic on all of us. Let us not forget to praise the Most High because there in is where the last say is spoken, understood, or revealed.

Benji and Debra brought their father to the meeting and talking about fast. He was waiting for them to reach out and he was there with open arms. It was an emotional joining and they both need to know what it feels like to have a parent's love. They certainly will now.

Mark is entering the next phase in his life, an island resort owner. He has obtained all the necessary licensing to even have some gaming offered at our island paradise, thank to my kin Uncle Kelton. He is so cool. At any rate it keeps him very busy, and honest all of us have had to let go of our jobs and take on new positions working at the resort. I've never been more happy and I can say I'm satisfied.

Ah Mason...that woman is about to remarry and she will become my auntie. WOW!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Congrats to her and my Uncle Kelton. We have had our share of family drama. Painful history isn't easily put aside and it is understandable. We have to remember that we can sometimes go to far. Beyond what a person can bear. The pain, when it's that deep, can't just be brushed aside. We are all doing our best to work through it.

Boy and the kiddos keep a coming. :lol: :lol: It's beautiful. Courtney will also wed in the summer, marrying Justin's son and she is a new person. It's really shocking but welcomed. I know Laura and Roscoe would be proud of her and she now misses her parents more than she can express. It's all right Laura and Roscoe rest in peace the kids are growing up and becoming wonderful individuals. You would be proud.

Let's keep the conversation going as this year it's about keeping it real or like Mason say's keeping it 100. She's so funny :lol:
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Winter meeting! 2 weeks 13 hours ago #2393

  • Mason
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This meeting was special for many reasons. As a group we touch on some deep feeling many of us have felt or are currently dealing with in some way. Feelings of loss, abandonment, betrayal, and devastating lack of loyalty. It was special for so many reason and a way of releasing pain. Just being able to explain it, the pain and having your pain recognized, appreciated, and having the person responsible for my pain acknowledge he caused me pain. Michael, as I said, is a MAN! 100%. A warrior through and through, and as I said...I will always love him, respect him, admire him, and feel special that I was allowed to spend the time I spent with him. It felt good to feel him again and to feel he was feeling me again. I wish him every happiness and I appreciate him giving Kelton and I his cherished blessing. :kiss: :)
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Winter meeting! 2 weeks 12 hours ago #2394

  • Niobi
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I will never forget what happened between Mason and Michael. I just cry because it real. It was so real. I respect the open way they let us in their private, sacred so intimate part of their lives. They freely let us in. Let us feel. I just feel blessed to see this with my own eyes.
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Winter meeting! 2 weeks 12 hours ago #2395

  • Jackeeg
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Niobi…my God!!! It was so quiet and Mason was so emotional but so strong. It made me respect them and I’m so glad JR got it all on tape. I watched it again when I got home and Nick sat beside me and held my hand. This is leadership. It’s rare and only few are born into a position of living example. I just can’t believe how well Mason expressed all of it and it made complete and total sense. It also moved every visitor this meeting to joining the group. I have been busy adding names and welcoming them into the fold. :)
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Winter meeting! 2 weeks 43 minutes ago #2397

  • Justine
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Mason…allow me to tell you I have never heard anyone express what they felt quite the way you expressed during that unprompted moment. All of us were in tears, literally feeling what you were describing. My eyes feel with tears just thinking about how you put into words how we all feel about Michael and why. It was beautiful. Thank you for sharing that precious moment with us.
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Winter meeting! 1 week 6 days ago #2399

  • Rhena
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My God, it was so unexpected. I mean one of the members asked about divorce and if Mason felt she was doing the right thing, divorcing Michael and moving forward. I remember her response word for word because it was profound. She looked at Michael, a gentle look and her eyes immediately filled with tears and he hurried to her side. His eyes filled with tears too. Then she began to speak, and her voice kept breaking, showing us her pain and it was so raw.

I’m with you Casey, I cry just thinking about it. She said he was everything to her, but she was not everything to him. He nodded but she touched his face and shook her head no. They are so gentle with each other. She told him he was her world. She said they always joked about famous people they would leave each other for and he laughed, until she told him there was no man in this world she felt was better than him. She said she was satisfied, felt lucky, blessed. Michael made her feel protected, safe, something she had never felt before. She cried as she told him she only had eyes, heart, desire for him and him alone. And then she balled up her fist and told him she would have died a hundred deaths for him and we all felt it. We knew she meant it and he nodded as tears rolled from his eyes. OMG it was a powerful moment. I…I still feel it. I have never felt anything like that in my life. Mason is special and I love her so much.
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