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TOPIC: Epiphany

Epiphany 2 years 8 months ago #1569

  • Mason
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Hello Gnostic Family. I received an answer to a question I often ask the All Mighty. What is my purpose here? You all know I often don’t feel like I belong here. I feel out of place, in a land that is not my home. The answer is to observe and report. The Almighty wants to know what is happening with this species. All distractions are removed one way or another. That includes you Michael. I am not here to deal with the issues that are a result of marriage. Haven said that, I have come to an important epiphany.

We have discussed the problems associated with so so and bad parents. We know that socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or gender are not factors when it comes to being a so so or bad parent. We have determined that parenting should not be a right but a privilege. Everyone should have to pass a psychological test before being allowed to parent a child. All wombs should not bear fruit.

Why? Because Demons are Human and they are a result of so so and bad parenting. They are not BORN, they are MADE. I always wondered why I get fixated on a single human behavior. Why I study it for months, sometimes years. It is for clarity. My observation of Bad human behavior has resulted in clarity. If you all look closely children who survive abuse, mental, physical, emotional, or psychological, die to some degree. Something in them either shuts down or becomes emotional unstable to a point of severe dysfunction.

If you all don’t know it Carmine was psychologically abused. I was physically and mentally abused. A part of us grows cold, without feeling, without compassion, without fear, without regard. This is a result of bad parenting and sometimes so so parenting. For those of us who survive abuse as a child most become demons, murderers, rapists, domestically violent. Many are led by their insecurity to do the vile things they do. And then there are the few who retain some measure of morality and realize they are still in control of their emotions.

I am one of those with this ability. Carmine is as well. There are times when it is best to shut it down but most of the time we are positively responsive to those around us. We acknowledge there is a right and a wrong and make a choice which one we prefer. I know what I am and what I am capable of as a result of my abuse. I know when I have to make extra efforts to remain connected. Those like Carmine and I are able to literally block and shut down all emotion. Keep in mind Love is not an emotion and neither is Hate. They are state of beings.

Demons are driven by an inability to control raging emotions. Yes demons operate in a state of emotional dysfunction that is off the chart. Some examples are the people closes to you who have suffered from some form of child abuse. My siblings are horribly scared. I have a sister who is a demon, she had children and two of them are lost. One has turned to drugs to cope and the other is an alcoholic demon who abuses her only child and anyone near them. They are toxic sucking the life from those who are normal and try to reach out and assist. We can never give them what they need. It was lost during childhood. They never forget the pain, the horror and it drives their behavior all day every day.

Again my point is, Demons are not born, they are a result of bad parents and sometimes so so parents and all wombs should not bear fruit. That is what I have relayed to the All Mighty. I will not make it to the next meeting but I am always available via the site, phone, or email. My immune system is still very low. I love you all and will really miss not being with you this time :( .
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Epiphany 2 years 8 months ago #1570

  • Jess
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I agree completely Mason. What needs to be understood is some people in need of counseling, suffer from a mental disorder of some kind. Couple this with a person that was severely abused as a child. Reaching them is near to impossible something has been destroyed in them and I have literally felt helpless when I hit that brick wall with them. A child can be born with a mental disability but severely violent people have always been subjected to tremendous abuse as a child, always.
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Epiphany 2 years 8 months ago #1571

  • Rod
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Very very true Mason. There is also a disconnect with these individuals. A cord has been broken and should have been repaired immediately but it wasn’t and honestly once they become adults it is far to late to try to repair the damage. It’s sad and often frightening to listen to these people talk about what they are going through. You know you can’t reach them. They want something a parent refused to give and they want it from that parent. That parent could no longer be with us and they forever are trying to extract what they are missing from that parent.

Josh's Josh I see it now. He is so like Caleb. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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Epiphany 2 years 8 months ago #1572

  • Ebony
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You know, whenever I do watch the first 48 I wonder what allows these young people to be so violent what makes them behave like that. Then the parents come up and they look disconnected themselves. Mason you said something about people who are grossly obese that I have to agree with. They are an example of sloth. They don’t put much effort into anything, not even raising their children. So they might have been abused and food comforts them, and they either allowed or abused their children turning them into the killing gang members they become. Hmmm.

Your son Rod? I can't wait to meet him. :cheer: Mason I'm going to miss you this time girly but I want you to get better.
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Epiphany 2 years 8 months ago #1573

  • Barb
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He’s married Rod. But I agree he does have a lot of Caleb in him and he’s changed so rapidly. It’s causing problems in his current relationship.

Mason…what do you think Adonai will do?
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Epiphany 2 years 8 months ago #1574

  • Carmine
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Yes Mason is right. I was forced to witness things to make me strong my father said. It was mentally traumatizing. I’m starting understand myself Mason. Since love is not an emotion we can still harness it and that is what grounds us. pop did to me what his pop did to him. I was his first born, a son, and I had to be able to do things he thought was important.
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