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TOPIC: What You See

What You See 2 years 11 months ago #1122

  • Mark
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The article for February is up, let's talk about it :cheer:
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What You See 2 years 11 months ago #1123

  • Mike
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I absolutely agree with the different forms of communication we use. In my profession this is one of the first things we learn to take note of. I have had many encounters with people who have low self-esteem. It is definitely something that you can see immediately. Men see this in women and always take advantage of it. This is a part of everyday life. I don’t think we pay enough attention to this but we all can tell things about someone based on their body language.

I agree that people who live well don’t relate well to those who don’t. I’m guilty of not being able to relate to people who live in lower income brackets. I guess I’m guilty of blaming them for their circumstances. I was this way quite a bit when I aligned myself with the republican party. I have had the good fortune to have my eyes open to many things and I now know this is a misconception I no longer want to be blinded with or by.

Mark this notion of Alternative Facts started a long time ago, which is why none of us should be surprised by the evangelist supporting trump. Everything about them is based on Alternative facts, and most of those who continue to support trump are consumed with hate and are clearly racist.
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What You See 2 years 11 months ago #1124

  • Jackeeg
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Justin is a prime example of facial expressions and body language speaking to people. He was so affected by what he saw when he first visited a ghetto. It was so upsetting for him he could hardly move or speak. He, like Nico, give away houses, cars, computers, and animals. They helps with schooling. Justin I’ve never seen a more generous wealthy man. Of course Mark and Luke and you are right up there with them. Jay too and surprisingly Mike is pretty generous. :) . They have inspired Nick making him a more generous man as well.

I’m not sure about leadership but for the wealthy but the wealthy men in our Gnostic group have big hearts. Justin cried when he saw his first ghetto, and Nico was pretty chocked up. He rubbed Justin back which seemed to comfort him as well. Mark, Jay and Luke are use to it. They have seen this before many times. I think this is a strong form of leadership Mark. Luke not only contributes financial help he offers free legal service and Nico does too now.

The fellas have started a jobs program to help minorities get jobs. So I’m confident trump will not trump America because too many of us with money are no longer willing to sit up in our mansions and ignore the plight of the poor and needed. We no longer want to oppress the poor or do anything that contributes to their struggle. We have been blessed for a purpose. Too many of us have heard the call. I feel like my eyes have been open and I see people the way Mason sees people. I don’t want to live my life based on Alternative facts like many with financial security choose to live their lives. No we can’t allow our society to be governed by lies we have to stand up and make a difference.
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What You See 2 years 11 months ago #1125

  • Chris
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So what happen Justin? Tell us what happened. Your hands tremble when you see things now. Have they always done this? Mark you feel this disqualifies you to lead? I disagree with you. You are a fantastic person and a natural leader because you heart is so big. Man I love you I really do. I know many people look up to the wealthy in an unnatural way but you are different. Justin is different. Luke is different, Jay…you are different. You need to tell us how this all makes you feel too. Mike, and Nick speak up bros I know after Sir Paul we all changed but you two changed the most. They really different. MG was different and I feel fortunate to be a part of this group. I give gladly because I know it goes to worthwhile causes. I’m so glad to be a part of this group.

So this is how powerful messages are in our lives. I think the messenger is key and Sir Paul was a powerful messenger. I really wish someone had spoken to me about non verbal communication because I wouldn’t have gone through so much in my early years. Better late than never right? :)
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What You See 2 years 11 months ago #1126

  • Justin
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Chris I’ll start off by saying I am a wealthy man who has never wanted for anything in life. UE led me to a website and gave me a desire to see and learn more about a life I knew nothing about. That’s where this all started. I have always wanted to be a better man and Narcus One in UE One touched that part of me that urns to be more than just wealthy. I was in for many shocks. I was a republican who could not begin to see what things, life for the poor and those living in poverty was like. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see.

I just didn’t give it much thought but when I joined this group and my eyes were open. One thing after the other. I first had to acknowledge black people are pretty cool, and then I meet Sir Paul, and talking about an eye-opening person. They were always talking about things I wasn’t accustomed to discussing in the circles I traveled in. I found myself needed to see some of these things for myself. Honestly I thought the bad stuff was being exaggerated. So, I joined Mark, Mike, JR, Nick also going for the first time, Jackee, Luke, and Jordan on a little excursion.

Upon seeing it for myself I was beyond shocked. I immediately could see how severe the struggle is for so many people. Poor was one thing but poverty was staggering. I was dismayed. I was emotional, and then I was angry. I stumbled at first. I couldn’t believe it. I kept wiping my face and several teenage black males stopped to ask me if I was all right. Mike ask them if they were packing, and let them know it was all right, man he can sound like a real Italian mobster sometimes :). They admitted they were and I was comforted they were because it’s like entering a warzone. I couldn’t speak at first because I was reminded this is the United States an no area should look like this. One of them held out his hand toward me. When he aske me if I was all right again I shook my head and asked him if we were still in the United States. He laughed and said yeah just in one of the ghettos. He asked me if I had ever been to a ghetto and I shook my head no. I was devastated. It’s like Mark says, we go down but we know we are going home. This is life of far too many. How can this be? Why is this happening? My dogs live better than human beings who are living in poverty. How did this homelessness situation get so far out of control?

I immediately had a desire to make a difference where it matters most. Helping gave me a feeling that made me feel good deep down inside. I now knew how it feels to do something really worthwhile. Life has more meaning. My father helps now as well.

Caleb’s father is fantastic, following in Caleb’s steps and helping out those less fortunate. I’ll say this. It did knock the republican values right out of me. It wasn’t any one thing that made me change my political party, it was many things. The main deciding factor was coming down out of my mansion into the inner city to see things for myself.

We are visiting a prison next to see what we can do to help some of those being held for petty violations. I can and I have to help. I tell you what, these are compassionate people, even the gangsters. Many of them could see how devastated I was and some of them cried with me, and showed me every kindness. They opened their hearts to me and I made a decision to open my heart and show them kindness as well. When I was in the hospital they visited me and brought me gifts. I couldn’t believe how kind they all are. These people who have so little did their best to bring me flowers, cards, and some good food :) . They sing for me, rap for me, and dance for me. These are the things that make them feel better and I now know why. It made me feel better. I have never been shown so much love.
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What You See 2 years 11 months ago #1127

  • Rhena
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Justin you are such a sweet man with a beautiful heart. JR you are just a wonder to me. So special all of you. I agree Mark we do tend to think being rich automatically makes you better on all levels. So we’ve been trained to see things that way? Mark I think you are a great leader as well. even though you are wealthy. I never thought of body language and facial expressions being a form of communications but now that it’s been mentioned in this article I can certainly see how both of them are. :)

I was a person with low self-esteem and it explains why I always had bad men latching on to me. I had one guy try to turn me into a hooker. I was so devastated that he even suggested I do such a thing. I asked him if I looked like the kind of woman who would do something like that and he told me yes. I never spoke to him again but he did say I looked like the kind of girl who would be a hooker. It wasn’t my clothes. It was something else about my looks he said. I was pretty and easy going. It really did something to me and I decided I never wanted to have anything to do with a black man again after that.
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