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TOPIC: A Righteous Walk

A Righteous Walk 4 months 3 weeks ago #4300

  • Brad
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Well, I admire my little brother I always have. He knows that. I’m proud to be related to him.

I see so much wrong with the world and at the top of my list of issues is racism. When is it going to stop? It’s just disappointed to know that there are so many racist in this country and they are the base supporters of the worse president this country has ever had. He’s like a horrible disease and we can finally honestly see how infectious it is and how many are afflicted. So many that man now sits in a position to do so much damage to so many people. Look at what he’s doing to the human beings at the southern border of this country. He’s insane. I have to retain my hope in our faith, or group and the things we do to actually progress our world instead of tear it down and apart. I’m glad to say my path is one of righteousness and I attribute that to my faith.
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A Righteous Walk 4 months 3 weeks ago #4301

  • Jess
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I’m on standby if needed. :cheer:
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A Righteous Walk 4 months 3 weeks ago #4302

  • Ryan
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Man oh man, this is an amazing group. I’m proud of my parents, and my grandfather who is so happy he can’t see straight. Now grandma is just miserable because grandpa will not even talk to her. he has completely moved on and he is doing good.

I am disappointed with our government, our congress sucks. It really does. It needs a complete overhaul. I can’t believe how bad things have gotten and no one seems able to clean it up. I wondering if people aren’t being threatened and who is doing the t threatening. Some things are worth dying for though. I guess it’s not dying though, it’s the torture of family members, and how they will kill you. the Russians like to kill painfully. Man where is Virgil. I really wish he would just show up and put an end to all the bullshit. I just have to hope we will be able to make a dent in this brick wall that is continuously forming and do all we can to make sure it never becomes too high it becomes insurmountable.
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A Righteous Walk 4 months 3 weeks ago #4303

  • Rhena
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Mike is a teddy bear, and Kendra you are too funny.

My path is right and I’m so damn glad we don’t live in the US anymore but it’s bad everyone for minorities. America is and example and people follow the easy example way more than the one that is right. We are a flawed and somewhat failed species if you ask me. Too much hate that doesn’t die. It eases only to regurgitate in a few years. It festers and waits for an opportunity to become active again. Somethings need to go away and never have room to reform and start again. To me the real cancer is the hatred that is harbored in the hearts of too many people against others for no reason whatsoever. I agree with my husband, our faith is nit the Most High and our hope is in the leadership we have been blessed with in the Gnostic faith.
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A Righteous Walk 4 months 3 weeks ago #4305

  • Loreen
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And that is what gives me hope. Alex honey it’s all right! Your making me cry.

See how both Mike and Mark picked up on what is happening with Alex? That’s caring right there. As busy as Mark is, and Mike now, they take the time to check in and stay connected to all of us. I love both of them. I love all the leaders in our group. That gives me hope even as I watched the Joy Reid show this morning and fear began to grow in my stomach and anxiety set in. What is going on in this world? Why are they trying so hard to keep us suppressed? Why? It’s scary and I’m so confused. It seems so exaggerated so over the top. I know I’m on a righteous path and I am hopeful because of my faith and the family that shares that faith with me.
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A Righteous Walk 4 months 3 weeks ago #4306

  • Mark
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Loreen, there is a deep-rooted desire to suppress the indigenous species on this planet. To insure they never know their true place. It is inherent in the dominating ethnic group so it passes from generation to generation. Something in us knows we are invaders in a sense. Never stop watching Ancient Aliens There are answers there. Watch it.
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