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TOPIC: May Meeting!!

May Meeting!! 5 months 3 weeks ago #4200

  • Kay
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Politically, I can see dad throwing his hands up shaking his head. I don’t think rational people support or believe in trump. Only racists people support trump simply because they are full of hate just like him.

I think women have a right to decide if they want to be pregnant or not so these laws are insane.

I am very upset about what happen to the Central Park Five and someone did ask Trump about it and he said more of the same crap he said when that woman was ran down in Charleston by that white nationalist. He’s sickening even to look at. I’m not shocked all of his buddies are child rapist and molesters. Birds of a feather.

The two officers in Arizona are so pathetic and should not be allowed to wear a uniform. What gets on my nerves is how they can see, their bosses, how badly they are behaving on camera and they start that investigation shit. They don’t want us to believe our lying eyes. I'm tired of them getting away with it. Every time I see it I remember Travon, Sandra, Eric, Freddie, Michael. All of them. It brings it all back and it’s painful. It’s painful to me as an American. All of it hurts my heart. I really hate racism because it is so destructive and evil.
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May Meeting!! 5 months 3 weeks ago #4201

  • Linden
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This is why I am glad my dad is no longer with us. he would agree with the racist cops in the video Jordan posted and with the evil female prosecutors who put children in prison. I also upset about Cory, all of them, but especially Cory. We don’t have a leader right now. The mess that comes out of that man’s mouth is disgusting to say the least. I’m irritated by them too Deb and I agree with JJ.

I am pro-choice the anti-abortionist are a bunch of self-righteous freaks.

The men who were boys when they were sentenced for a crime they didn’t commit just increases my concern about all of the minorities being held in American prisons. How many are really guilty? It really makes me wonder. It was unimaginable what those young boys went through.
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May Meeting!! 5 months 3 weeks ago #4202

  • Jazze
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OMG!!! I can’t believe they did that to kids! Poor Cory was sent to a horrible, notoriously horrid prison. I think they all should pay for what happened to these boys OMG what a sad sad show. I’m glad they survived but I hate they went through that. Honestly. I wouldn’t want that for them if they were guilty of participating in a crime. I definitely don’t want innocent children going to adult prisons.

I’m glad the world can see just how ignorant some officers honestly are. They have no idea how stupid the look. Like animals, criminals in suites with guns. I can’t wait to see how they wiggle out of this one and when are these cities going to see officers like this are a liability? They are costing thousands, millions of dollars. Why continue to deal with this kind of behavior. They should be forced to repay the debt but not as officers of the law. They are themselves costly law breakers.

No means NO and if I don’t want to be pregnant I don’t have to be. I’m all for assisting any and all women struggling to get medical help terminating an unwanted pregnancy.
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May Meeting!! 5 months 3 weeks ago #4203

  • Val
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As a mother I am horrified by what I saw happen to five children in a New York court. I was horrified watching the officers basically attack that young family over a 99-cent doll, talking excessive. I agree, when are you going to do something about what we see? What is there to investigate? They just mean, give us time to come up with a reasonable reason to refute what we all are looking at and turn it around in favor of the two out of control officers. As a White woman I am ashamed of how two White women orchestrated the imprisonment of five children. How could they do something like that? It’s so horrible and hurtful.

I tell you what, it’s my body, It’s my choice so I am a part of the coalition to help the poor woman in these states outlawing abortion, get to neighboring states that will not deny them the medical treatment they deserve.
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May Meeting!! 5 months 2 weeks ago #4204

  • Jay
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I’m so upset about the Central Park Five because there is no accountability. I want the police to once say we made a mistake and we are sorry for what these young men endured. I want them to make public announcement acknowledging what happened was tragic and a mistake. I want people to do the right thing for God’s sake. They can’t give them back all that was taken but they could acknowledge a wrong was done. I’m so hurt in my soul because no acknowledgement of their suffering from those who caused it has been offered. I’m sick of it. I guess I’m tired of watching how horrible white Americans treat black Americans. I just tired of it. Employers, officers, the justice system, doctors and nurses, teachers, all of them treat black people in ways that have systematically held them down, preventing them from prosperity, and to see not even children are exempt from their cruelty is staggering.

I watched the video Jordan posted and it’s like come on, really! Why in hell do they think that’s all right? There is no excuse for it either because criminals are in all ethnic background. And…AND, there is no greater crime than child abuse. It takes a weak ass person to inflict pain on a small child or animal. They aren’t successful, they are cowards, real ones. No one is above the law they say, well everyone from the officers, to the prison guards should be charged with aggravated felony child abuse and sentenced to serve10 to 20 in an adult correctional facility. They need to feel what those children felt all those years ago.

The cops in Phoenix need to be fired and some attention needs to be given to how much of a financial burden bad cops are to our society, and the tax-payer. Far to many people are suing police counties because they have been violated I'm some way by police. Bad cops are becoming to damn costly.
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