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TOPIC: May Meeting!!

May Meeting!! 6 months 1 week ago #4145

  • Mark
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Hello Forum,

We had a fantastic meeting this spring and we will discuss some of the topics in this thread. We are all concerned about current political events.

Personally, I think they should start the impeachment process and I am a supporter of I think this is a very dangerous man and he needs to be removed. I really wish we had a better group of representatives in congress especially the republicans. Contra to what Pelosi is saying I vehemently disagree. That man does not want to be impeached or even threatened to be impeached. She’s scared to push the ticket for purely political reason. We elect and pay them to do a job. This man has broken the law and needs to be held accountable. That is all there is too it.

We will be contributing to and accepting donations to help fund transportation from states denying women medical attention and interfering with their personal reproductive rights, to neighboring states where they can receive the medical treatment they desire as is their right. We will support all efforts to allow a woman the right to chose what is happening with her body no matter what. Besides, this is a private matter no one has the right to be getting involved with. We don’t want women to lose rights to their self. Her body her choice.

So…let’s keep the conversation going. I’m sure Roscoe is smiling at us and pumping his fist.
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May Meeting!! 6 months 1 week ago #4146

  • Mason
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I think it’s time we started boycotting some of the food production industries. I’m sick of seeing how cruel men are to the animals they get our beef and milk from. They are torturing those cows and no one seems to care. At some point we have to understand that food obtained from tortured in distressed animals is causing anxiety and distress for so many of us. We have to take a stand and if they are treating animals this way, hell yes they don’t have a problem treating any living thing this way. If you can tone out the cries of something living that is in distress you can tune out the cries of children being abused, women being abused. My point is it doesn’t stop with animals. We saw the videos. I won’t post it online but it’s time to wake up and care about what is going on.
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May Meeting!! 6 months 1 week ago #4148

  • Niobi
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I so shock they take away woman’s right to her own self. This disturb me greatly. I think I like staying on Island outside this country. It is going through a very hard hard time and this person who is leader is not leader but criminal. I just don’t know if this is a place for our children, all this hate it is terrible. I also don’t like how they treat cattle and birds we consume. It makes me be a vegetable only person. It is cruel and evil what they do.
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May Meeting!! 6 months 6 days ago #4149

  • Adam
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It’s easy to say it’s just a cow, it’s just a chicken but I have to agree with Mason, if you are able to clearly see you are causing pain and it does not affect you you have to have a problem. They are soulless and they probably beat on their wives and abuse their children. It was hard to watch and I agree it’s time to boycott Mason and stay away from meat unless it comes from a place where we know the animals are not being tortured.

We are living in some very wicked times and I’m off the fence when it comes to impeaching trump. I am an independent voter and I think it’s time for congress to do what they alone can do.
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May Meeting!! 6 months 6 days ago #4150

  • Jess
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I can honestly say I am seeing a number of people who are suffering stress disorders brought on by the man in the White House. If the democrats think the majority of Americans don’t want that man impeached, they are sadly mistaken. People want peace and that man doesn’t have a clue about what peace is. People are afraid and they are tired of being afraid. People are suffering and they are tired of suffering. His war on tariffs is causing many people stress. What he is doing at the border is causing many people stress. What they let’s just say they, him and the republicans, with this thing with health care all around, telling women what they can’t do with their bodies, it’s scary. People can’t live with this kind of anxiety for long. They are struggling with housing cost and now he is creating situations that will cost us more for the things we need. He is just destroying because that is all he knows how to do. Everything he touches turns to shit, everything.
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May Meeting!! 6 months 6 days ago #4151

  • Kelton
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I say the white skins have been mutilating cattle for hundreds of years. When they first infested these lands Native Americans only killed animals for food and clothing. They killed for their skins only because it had a monetary reward attached to it. It always comes down to money with too many in this ethnic group. They are not superior and they are a plague to this planet. Not all but many. I do not want to offend but this is what is in the heart of my people. We want the suffering to end and it began when they arrive and it just continued. The animals. They still do minorities so badly. They employ them only because it’s against their laws for them not to. They live under the delusion they are doing good when they are degrading in a new way. They give the worse jobs to minorities and they act as if they are doing them some big favor. They won’t pay a living wage and the prison system is modern day slavery. We have to really care and that means we have to really pay attention. We can’t go through our lives refusing to see what is happening around us. Going on about our days as if we have no cares no concerns. Mason says no wealthy person obtained their riches in a moral noble way. Lives were lost blood was shed, innocent blood. All wealth is blood money so Mason is right, wealth is anti The Most High as it requires blood sacrifice to have it.
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