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TOPIC: This Is What I Teach

This Is What I Teach 6 months 3 weeks ago #4134

  • Shawn
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I’m all ears Mason :lol: :lol:

I am one who had to learn that being myself was the best thing. I’m Like Brice, who by the way, I’m glad your back with us friend. :lol: Sis, you too girl.

I fancied myself a white nationalist, I was just trying to fit in, be something I wasn’t, someone I didn’t really like. I don’t think real racist people like themselves that much I mean, how could they? They are a miserable lot, blaming other races for their short-comings all the time. I’m just glad I know now and I feel good being me.
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This Is What I Teach 6 months 3 weeks ago #4135

  • Val
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I’m glad we got away from dad because I was never racist and he was horrible. Mom I never knew you were racist so I’m shocked and I’m glad you changed. Do you agree with Shawn? Are racist people unhappy deep down? I just can’t imagine they are happy, all that hate for nothing. Dad caused me to suppress a lot of who I am but that’s completely over. It feels good to be free to be yourself and living with dad and then my ex made me feel like a prisoner inside myself. I agree with the article it’s best to be true to who you truly are at all times.
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This Is What I Teach 6 months 3 weeks ago #4136

  • lindsey
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So bottom line, we teach others better when we behave better ourselves? I get it. We send true messages when we are true first to ourselves. I had to learn this as well, having a bad mother like some of the other ladies, particularly when in regards to being a upfront person when seeking a mate. I was taught to downplay my flaws or flat out cover them up and/or lie about it to prospective husbands. I had to be perfect even if that meant make physical alterations to my body, we all know what kind of alterations or enhancements. I’m glad to say I always rejected this practice and found the perfect man for me just being all me. I agree Mark, I like me just the way I am.
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This Is What I Teach 6 months 3 weeks ago #4139

  • Aaron
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I have to say I was a little schizo too before we found our right minds and my life is finally on the right track. Dad you have been a beckon for us all. I’m kind of glad you rebelled against grandma. I think there is a time and place for everything and you showed us when it is appropriate to rebel. Since none of us knows everything, that means our elders aren’t always right especially if they are operating in the realm of hate. We have to rebel against wrong that is the only time it is appropriate and necessary. So, I like how Mark explains things and this makes sense to me now. We have to walk righteous walks and sometimes that means we can’t go along with leadership or the establishment. I think grandpa is glad you stood up to dad, even he learned from you. I’m looking forward to the meeting this month because I’m glad he is remarrying and he is seriously in love.
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This Is What I Teach 6 months 3 weeks ago #4140

  • Mark
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My response to this article is I'm glad all of you understand what it was saying. We live our lives in a way that is righteous because we are always being watched, parents are being watched by their children, we are being watched whenever we go out into public, someone is picking up something all the time, whether it's how you are behaving, how you are dressed, or how you respond to others. We live in a world were there are very few people who can lead. They are always waiting for something to follow. We don't want to be sending a bad message, behavior, or example of any kind not if we profess to be in the service of the Most High!
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This Is What I Teach 6 months 3 weeks ago #4142

  • Mason
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Okay Okay dang...I'll tell it at the meeting how's that?

I've told this story many times and I'll tell it again. I had a friend name Jill, we were out testing out her new truck, we saw a homeless guy sitting on the road and Jill swung around and got out of the truck. She went and said a few words to him and they went into a nearby Waffle house, a few minutes later I saw him sit down at a both and Jill came out when food was sat down in front of him. Now there was a little girl watching from the time we pulled up next to the homeless guy until we drove away. Jill got back into the truck and apologized to me. She said something told her he was starving to death. She said she asked him if he was hungry and he said he had a little money people had given him but the restaurants wouldn't serve him. I told her it was fine and pointed to the little girl smiling and watching her. I told her to wave she was in the presence of angles and she started to cry. The little girl wasn't the only one watching. A man was watching as well and he was also smiling. I asked her how did she think that little girl felt and she shook her head and said she never imagined people watch anything she does, I told her she was wrong and the little girl would never forget. Of course that made her cry more and I smiled and hugged her. Yes, not only people are watching, if its a dire situation like that homeless man, angels are watching as well.'s a good idea to always be on your best behavior especially when you're in public.
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