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TOPIC: I'll Pray For You!

I'll Pray For You! 10 months 3 weeks ago #3954

  • Jackeeg
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The April Article has posted and Mason explains again when and why we pray. It is a comforting easy article that I really enjoyed. I can hear Laura saying how well the articles are flowing. Our authors or should I say Forum Columnists, are doing a fantastic job of presenting us with enjoyable, informative articles. Enjoy :cheer:
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I'll Pray For You! 10 months 2 weeks ago #3955

  • Mark
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Folks, this article expresses why it is important to stay in constant communication with the Most High. There are things in life that are bigger than us. I am well off and I am blessed. I do all I can but alas we can't completely do away with this countries homeless problem. It is growing at an accelerated pace and let us not forget that it started with Reagan and outsourcing jobs putting American's our of work to fatten the pockets of the greedy. Now all these years later, it has reached an epic proportion that will take an act of congress to rectify. Allow me to say, that until the morality of the people changes every fix will eventually be corrupted by the unrighteous and their greed and lack of humanity. It is a huge sin to be inhumane and there is nothing more ungodly. Keep the 5% in prayer as we strive to assist in the most humane ways possible to the best of our ability.

Also, the media can't be a deciding factor in how we perceive and believe what is relevant about any situation. Jesse is innocent and they were probably trying to extort money from him he refused to pay so they sought to destroy his image and his career. For one thing, this was not an issue that should have received the media attention it received. It was not that serious, not that pressing, and had nothing to do with anything that directly affects any aspect of the general public's life in anyway what so ever. It was not news worthy! We cannot allow the media to decide what is important to us and what is not. Right now the country is in the thralls of a want-to-be tyrant, who is not even qualified to lead a flock of chickens around a barnyard. The most pressing thing the American people need to be concerned with is all the things this man and his administration are doing to permanently damage our society and alter our way of life, in a negative way. It is frightening and we don't need the unnecessary distractions at this critical point in time.

Now we have some pathetic woman, and don't get me wrong I am a firm supporter of the ME TO Movement, but the last thing we need in any situation is one who can be bought, weakening the message. This woman coming forward about Biden kissing the back of her raggedy head. I'm pissed! She says she didn't feel sexual harassed but ...BUT what the FUCK Woman? Why say anything if she didn't feel the act was sexually motivated? She was paid to try and make Biden, a real threat to Trump, appear to have some flaws. This is what greed will do, remove any sense of morality from ones view or perception. It's ridiculous and the media should stop reporting on it! She was not sexually harasses and her story is not news worthy. What I don't like about the media as how they blowup a small insignificant issue. There is far to much going on and far to much at steak for this kind of pettiness. We can't allow the media to make this woman's nonsense an issue for us. If you support Biden as I strongly do, continue doing so. Do not allow the media to sway you perception or distort your view with a bunch of bullshit. It was the same situation with Jesse. Something happened to him and the media made sure he was victimized over and over again making a personal situation a major news event. It should not have been. This business of ruining people's lives simply because they have the power has got to stop. This is the one thing Trump is right about when it comes to the media. They have given him the power to exploit them the way he now does. They have given him the power to discredit everything they say because the take none newsworthy issues and blow them way out of proportion. Stay focused and in pray my friend.
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I'll Pray For You! 10 months 2 weeks ago #3956

  • Luke
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Here is an example of why we pray of what Mason is talking about with this homelessness situation. This is a epidemic and it is getting worse. Take a look at this video
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I'll Pray For You! 10 months 2 weeks ago #3957

  • Mason
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There are many factors that are contributing to the homeless situation. After the recession real estate companies brought up all the foreclosed homes and formed management companies to manage rental properties. They have a criteria that should be only implemented if you are trying to at purchase a home. The credit score for renting should not be legal because no money is being loaned, the get a security deposit, and all the added fees are making securing a home near to impossible for many Americans. They want up to 3000 to move in when all the fees and deposits are calculated. They have the nerve to want a 600 and sometimes a 650 credit score. They don't want you to have any past or outstanding utility cost, and they have all the new added fees key fee, cleaning fees, application fees. Getting into a rental property cost what the closing cost are on a home purchase. They are also discriminating against low income people, what is this three times the rent? Rents our 1200-2000 dollars and they want three times that. If I make 6000 dollars a month I'm not renting anything! I can't see how this practice is going to be sustainable. And there is no damn way any of us should be comfortable knowing there are working families living in their car because of this now trend! I'm pissed about it and as always, it will require an act of congress to correct, but first we have to get the demon in the white house out because this is right up his money grubbing alley.
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I'll Pray For You! 10 months 2 weeks ago #3958

  • Mike
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I have seen so many stories about how the housing situation is going badly for so many Americans. Our society is money driven and life is of no importance anymore. I read a story about a community of low-income residence were being put out of their homes because the owner wants to teardown the apartments that house so many and build high in townhomes that will be worth millions. At some point we have to stop admiring heartless people like this. Mason once said, wealth is never obtained but by way of great suffering, blood and death of many innocent. She is right. California is the worst. Th here is a place called Mountain View and they have a situation there

I first read this in my news feeds on my phone. Now the owner of the apartments wants to tear them down and build high end townhomes so whoever this person is they are throwing all the tenants out. This is the kind of disgusting shit that contributes to homelessness and until Congress puts a vice grip around the greedy throats of people like this, this homeless problem is going to continue to grow.
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I'll Pray For You! 10 months 2 weeks ago #3959

  • Ebony
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I think it’s bad all over the country. They keep screaming for less government but they keep doing stuff that forces the government to step in. The bottom line is the average American citizen needs the government to look out for them. The problem is we have a bad administration, bad people in agencies set up to help the less fortunate among us who don’t give a damn about anything or anybody but themselves. Yes…the good people with money need prayer because this nations problem are very heavy for them to carry. Let us please keep our leaders in prayer as Mason suggest in this article. Oh and I was blessed by what I read in this article. :cheer:
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