July 2024 Article

The Gnostic Faith

By Jay G

Gnostic is a faith, a value, a belief. This is a belief based on the teachings of Jesus. We do not discard or limit the value of other faiths; we do not discard any sacred writings. We believe in freedom as defined by Sir Marcus McGinnis. That means we are free to believe in whatever we want to believe in. We are not a faith that bashes other faiths which is what makes us liberal. Our belief in freedom makes us liberal.

Gnostics do not have a particular book we hold sacred because we respect all spiritual books, believing everything that is valued has value. Every belief that something is sacred be it tangible or vague, is precious to those who believe it. What we believe centers on this basic rule, live and let live, freedom, equality, democracy. We have had articles about why Religion should not be a part of government and the damage of classism. The reason why religion and state should remain separate is because there are too many varying religions. There is no possible way for a government to be fair if it leans toward support on particular religion. So in order for a government to function properly, religion must not be in the forefront.

Allow me to make it clear we are not religious. As Gnostic we do not consider ourselves religious. Gnostic is a following of Jesus based on everything he said, based on his intended message. Let me start by saying all religious beliefs are based on one of the following:

  • Archons = rulers
  • Pleroma - (in Gnosticism) The spiritual universe as the abode of God and of the totality of the divine powers and emanations.
  • Monotheism – there is only one God
  • Polytheism – belief in more than one God
  • Theism - Belief in the existence of a god or gods, esp. belief in one god as creator of the universe, intervening in it and sustaining a personal relation to his creatures
  • Deism - Belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe. The term is used chiefly of an intellectual movement of the 17th and 18th centuries that accepted the existence of a creator on the basis of reason but rejected belief in a supernatural deity who interacts with humankind.
  • Pantheism - A doctrine that identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God. God and the universe are one.

As a Gnostic we embrace all of them as valid and respectable beliefs. We truly believe everyone should be free to interpret how they believe in a way that works for them. We believe as Mason has always said, that all beliefs are a part of ONE TRUTH. It is our motto, ONE LOVE, ONE TRUTH, ONE GOD. Now God, The All, is one God but he is dual, male and female. We believe that the universe was created chaotically, The All sneeze if you will and released life. The life has spread out, some very far from where God, The All’s presence lies. This is not to say it is a mistake but that it was simply formed chaotically thus things are naturally a little chaotic. This accounts for the evils in the world, the universe. This accounts for things that lead to and cause death. People always ask why someone has to die. Well because in this chaotic imperfect world it is something that happens. Nothing and no one is perfect, except for The All and Jesus.

Not only is The All both male and female he passes to us as humans a dualist design. This means we have a perishable component, our bodies, and psychic, and a part of us that never dies, our spirit or divine spark.    

Adult Bullying and Domestic Terrorism

Marcus McGinnis


I will begin this month’s article with my infamous definitions and I will start with the official definition of bully or bullying. The dictionary defines this as the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate and typically attempt to force another or others to do something against their will. With that said, this constant threat we continue to have in regards to funding the government and paying debt is a prime example of adults in influential positions trying to force behaviors that are against the will of others. We have determined in our civilized society that bullying is unacceptable. We want our children to understand this type of behavior is unproductive and will not be tolerated. Should not these same rules apply to adults?

Remember the article we had about images and the messages they send. So when you have a faction in congress, in this case the House of Representatives, that have decided they will have their way even if it means disregarding laws they don’t like or agree with, and they threaten and intimidate in an attempt to get their way, what message does that image send? I do not particularly like the speed limit laws in some states. Would that I or an entire group of people like myself decided to disregard these laws and we formed a militant sack that refused to abide by the speed limit laws? Would that American citizens were to act out in this fashion in regards to any and every law they do not support, like, or agree with? Where is the order? What example are these sacs in the house setting for the rest of the country?

We have decided that we will have a set of laws that govern us and a system is in place to establish those laws. A law was passed through the system, upheld by the highest court of the land, and a president was elected twice based on his stance and determination to improve health care in the United States. Again…the majority of people voted and a president was elected, but still this faction refuses to respect our established procedures, and to disregard our diplomatic process in an attempt to force their agendas.

This is certainly a form of bullying. They want to take the American people hostage to force their unwillingness to abide by the law. Again what kind of message does this send? They then want to twist this around and blame the current administration for not allowing them to get away with their bullying tactics. To do so would send a resounding bad message to the American public and the backlash of such a message will be devastating. The only thing that trickles down is bad behavior. What of those who would subsequently break the law and refer to the behavior of this extreme sack in house and how they suffered no consequences for it? What of smart children justifying their bullying tactics base on how one sack of republicans in the house attempted to bully the senate into disregarding the law?

Well now let us look at Terrorism. How does the dictionary define domestic terrorism? Threaten acts by bullies in their own country against their own people. So we have seen the movies about the tactics terrorist use to get their way. We all remember 9/11/2001. I say the Tea Party is not any different than terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda or the Taliban, to name a couple out of a slew of others. Make no mistake about it what the Tea Party is doing is using terrorism and bullying tactics to get what they want and that is to be allowed to disobey the law. No matter how they dress this up it is what it is and anyone who agrees with this behavior and these tactics, cannot possibly be telling their children to obey the laws and rules that govern our society. So what type of individual is really more dangerous, those who grow up in poverty stricken neighborhoods or those who grow up in wealthy areas and are told in every way, they do not have to abide by the laws? They can just push poor people around and force them to do it their way and the law be damned. For several years we have watched some house republicans behave in ways that are unprecedented. This behavior is unbelievable, childish, immature, and self-serving.

Make no mistake about it, this is bullying, and the threat is a form of domestic terrorism. This is against the law and if you break the law, you should suffer the consequences of such behavior. I personal think all members involved with these tactics should face prosecution for their refusal to abide by the established laws. No it is not enough to refuse to bend to their demands, a penalty should be assessed as a consequence just as it is for the average American citizen. Are these the kind of leaders a country as prestigious as the United States wants? I certainly do not, what say you?

The Face In the Mirror

By Jay

When we look at ourselves in the mirror every morning, do we ever question if we like the person looking back at us? Do we ever stop to really look at that face and ask, "Who am I?" What makes me who I am, and am I comfortable with who and/or what I am? We discussed some of the comments Hades made in Unforeseen Efficacy 5 because several really stood out as they pertain to human behavior. For example, it's more than obvious many humans clearly believe it is a necessity for us to all look, act, and live in a similar fashion. In fact in many instances this is required and legally enforced.

One of the topics Hades starts a discussion on was about how of all the many life-sustaining planets in the vast universe, Earth is unique and this is admirable. She is so fascinating because of her diversity. That is not only because of the many species that call Earth home, but also the variations within one species. Hades says this is something to be valued, celebrated, but instead the human species shuns its differences. It would appear they do not appreciate standing out. They want to be like all other species throughout the universe that do not have a variety of different species', and certainly no distinct variations within the primary species. How perplexing it must be to the higher powers observing our behavior. What with us declaring war on each other, enslaving each other, viciously murdering and raping our women, children, and oftentimes other men, oppressing each other, and disrespecting and destroying the planet.

What about your profession? Does your job require you to make life altering decisions that can potentially have agreat impact in or on the lives of others? Do you work in some form of customer service field or any service type field that requires you assist others? Perhaps you have a job that requires you provide physical care for those who cannot care for themselves. Do you work in a healthcare position of any sort, from being an insurer to being one who treats illnesses and injuries? Do you educate or instruct others? Are you a parent, a spouse, a significant other, a friend, an associate, or an acquaintance? Are you male or female, homosexual or heterosexual, wealthy or living in poverty, Caucasian or African American? Do you do the best you can to be the very best you can be in or at your profession? If in a position where you make decision that affect how things operate, are your decision self-serving or are you conscious of others who trust you to make the best choices? Are you the best partner, spouse, or friend you can be to those in your life?

For the sake of argument let us say there is life on other planets, and we are an experiment of sorts. Think about how closely they might be watching us to see what examples we will set because of our diversity. Not only that, add the element of freewill. We can choose to do and be whatever we want to do and be. As we look at that person looking back at us in the mirror and ask these questions, do we like the answers?

Now imagine how life here on Earth would be if humans all look the same, and there was one kind of tree, one kind of lower, and the same kind of grass everywhere. What if there were few mountain and the land looked pretty much the same everywhere. what if there was only one ocean and no other types of water formations. What if suddenly there was no animals and the only pets we had were mechanical ones? What if we woke tomorrow and everything that makes us individually unique was stripped away and everyone looked the same? All the men looked alike in everyway no racial, height, or weight variations and they all had small penises and could only produce one offspring. In turn, what if all women looked alike? What if they had no real distinctive unnecessary curves and very small breasts? Now the women could have more than one child no more then one of each sex and they were allowed to do this simply because that is the females primary function.

What if we all did the same kind of work day after day, and ate the same thing three times a day. Imagine having no variations whatsoever. Could we really appreciate living in a world like that after knowing what it is like to live in a world with so much diversity? This is one of the points Hades made. As frightening as it seemed at first, Hades, Lucifer seemed to really have something significant to say. Most of us believe the Unforeseen Efficacy saga was channeled to Mason and by the fifth volume Lucifer's voice was heard. He spoke to our cowardly behavior toward each other, and our misplaced values.

Lucifer is a striking figure throughout the saga, frightening because we have been trained to fear him. But so many things were put into perspective throughout the saga; fear is not an appropriate emotion we should harbor toward Lucifer. However, we do create an atmosphere of fear amongst each other. Logically, rationally, and emotionally it is time to open our eyes and take some advice from the late Mr. Michael Jackson given in his song "Man in the 0Mirror". As you look at yourself in the raw, meaning after you have dropped the many faces that represent you and stand face to face with the core of who you are, what do you see? If we are not doing the best job we can do, if we donot really value attributes such as, honestly, honor, virtue, and real integrity, are we actually the true faces of evil we have so blatantly used to personify Lucifer?

What kind of person makes decisions and passes laws that torment, victimizes, degrades, terrifies, destroys, and sometimes causes the death of others? What is the true face of evil? For years humanity has passed down a legacy of evil and officially named it the Devil, Satan. But who is Satan really? Does Lucifer have anything to do with this Satan or Devil? Does anyone have anything to really do with the choices we make in regards to our behavior from year to year, month to month, week to week, day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute? No that is all on us. So again...what is the true face of evil?

Some of us honestly acknowledge racism is and always has been a powerful mechanism wealthy white men in power made use of to occupy the discontent white people living in poverty. They were trained to believe or think; at least they were better than the enslaved blacks. They were given jobs as overseers and whips as instruments to prove their superior status. In truth they were just doing the wealthy slave owners dirty work for them.

After slavery was abolished African Americans all over the growing country became the reason Caucasians struggled. They became the cause of the economic status of poor Caucasians. They were also dangerous and were to be feared and shunned. To this day, wealthy Caucasian Americans maintain this divide between the races in order to divert how unbeneficial their policies and laws are to all Americans. They have to do this because they do not want the general public to see the truth staring them in the face every day. How many of us play into this carefully orchestrated scenario day after day?

So now that we have gotten to a point where we admit it is time to believe our lying eyes and ears, we should be asking ourselves what we think about our world and the roles we play in life from day to day. When we look in the mirror do we know the person looking back at us? If someone asked us about us would we know what to say? How to describe ourselves? Do we even like what we see physically?

It's hard to imagine anyone who knows they are causing others, many others, hardships, especially based on fallacies, truly likes the person they see in the mirror. Does such a person really look at their reflection and see who they are? From time to time it behooves us all to take a long look at ourselves. We should all spend at least five minutes just looking at our reflection in a mirror. While we stand face to face with ourselves we should first introduce ourselves to this person we see, the real core of who we are. What doest hat core person look like? Is it possible Castro, the man who held those young girls captive in Ohio, and all those out there like him, ever look at themselves in the mirror? Do you think it is easy for Zimmerman to look at himself in the mirror every day? What about some of those bad leaders Luke mentioned in his article? What does the true face of evil look like?

We wear many faces throughout the day and some of them we might like more than others, but what about our true self? Now that it is just you, do you like what you see? If not,what about that person looking back at you displeases you? You see hate might be taught, but self-image is individual. We have heard the phrase "Out of Touch", used periodically over the past six years. But, it is possible for us to get in touch with those living a different lifestyle  than our own. It is called walking in another's shoes for a brief moment.

If you do not like what you see, and you see with eyes wide open, what is it you do not like about that person in the mirror? If you do not like what you see, can you now understand why others do not like it either? They may have called you evil, a devil, or possibly the spawn of Satan. Could they be right? As humans the one thing we have in common with each other, which is similar to all other species in the universe, is a degree of telepathy. Some call this common sense but in truth it is a powerful mind link that allows any of us to see a situation through the eyes of others. If we did not all have this ability there would be no storytellers, no movie makers, no novelist, no screen writers, and no entertainers.

What does the true face of evil look like? Have you looked at yourself lately? Can the answer be staring you in the face every time you look in the mirror?